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The top 5 launchers for android device

The top 5 Best launchers for the android device

Android is the famous OS that ranks the top position in this smartphone and gadgets industry. The Android device is specially applauded for its great flexibility and user friendly behaviour. There may be several OS platform available and being developed in many countries. But the Android OS is considered to be a great one due to its productivity and damn easy customization.
The awesome launchers for android device is discussed in this blog post to deliver the best android launchers.

The popularity and viral rank that the Android OS got here is a major reason for the worldwide partnership in many smartphone vendors' project. The man behind the Android at the early stage could not even imagine the great success of Android in this world.
The mobile devices and the tablet gadgets are the smart devices that are mostly running on Android OS can be easily customizable to the users' need. The 5 best android launchers will show the awesome performance based on user experience and user interface without any flaws.
The amazing android launchers are the major part in customization and it could do magic with the smart device for sure.

There are huge list of amazing android launchers available in the market and also flooding over the non-official Google Play market. This is happening because the people in this generation is always like to extend their imagination through customization.
So, the great launchers for android is showcased in this list that will buzz the best android launchers apk for sure.

The top 5 launchers for android device
The top 5 launchers for android device

The top 5 launchers for android device is listed below:

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. Hola Launcher
  3. Go Launcher EX
  4. Smart Launcher
  5. Action Launcher 3

PS: There may be other great launchers for android and so the next list will be updated soon.

The best launchers for android listed above have gone through several reviews and quality inspections before expressed here.

1. Nova Launcher (one of the top 5 launchers for android device)

It is one of the awesome launchers for android device with scoring of above 4.75 approximate ratings in the Google Play Store. It is listed at the higher rank due the major importance of this great launcher. The author of this 5 best android launchers experienced the "Nova Launcher" and satisfied with the great experience.

The nova launcher is worth installing on your Android device to get a real customization on the go. The Nova Launcher has nearly 5 million users globally with perfect love.
The UI is light and sweet to handle and found to be a responsive launcher for the Android device.
It has many tweaks and  tactics to make your stock android device looks like a magical treasure.
It has the wide variety of launcher themes and wallpapers for better customization.
The one could feel safe and hassle free from nonsense advertisement and so it is ranked as one of the best Android launchers.
The gesture option, homescreen setup, custom label and font size are found to be the major advancement in the customization.

Download Nova Launcher 

2. Hola Launcher

Hola launcher is the similar third-party launchers but it has some special improvement over others. It is listed in the Ineedblog awesome launchers for android list mainly due to its lightweight and easy baby-feeding customization. The application at initial stage is bundled with less than 1MB data size. However after the successful release of the later version it is little heavy (but not too heavy as you think). This is suitable launcher for those who are using an low-end Android devices and still love to customize the homescreen with the new magical touch.

The simple and effective launcher has too many followers as well. The launcher is little annoyed with the advertisement in these days but it is worth checking if anyone is interested in looking for any alternate homescreen for his/her Android gadgets. The hola launcher can sense the exact time and wishes you frequently like "Good Morning" and other wishes in time while you swipe your homescreen up during the boring time. The customization is powerful with many modules pre-installed with this launcher app.
The vertical drawer as like seen in Nova Launcher adds more credibility and productivity to the users in a pleasant way.

Download Hola Launcher

3. Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher is the one of the powerful and passionable Launcher team. It is the one of the traditional and oldest launcher in the App Market. This launcher rocks the way with its unique style and look in a customizable way. This eventually got a spot in the list which enumerates the 5 best android launchers. It has some great plugins and tools available for the application to enrich the customization of the launchers in Android device. The cross sharing of their own brannded application and modules are seen as a annoying part with this launcher. But it is up to the mark as it is fully flexible to the users' choice without any doubt.

Go Locker made by the Go launcher team is a good add-on pack that could possibly enrich the launcher's apppearance indeed. You can also choose from many launcher themes, live wallpapers, wallpapers and other appealing stuff easily in one place.

Download Go Launcher

4. Smart Launcher

Are you a smart Android user?
If yes, then you can be smarter with this smart launcher. It is quite simple come effective best launcher apk. The appealiing and attractive options in this smart launcher can make your life smarter with heavy beauty on the homescreen. The category section is the best feature that the launcher needs the most in these days as the people tend to download huge application and games.

The best and most using application and games can be perfectly placed on the direct screen that could save your action time indeed. The user friendly action is the essential option that is packed with this smart launcher and thus it got a seat in our 5 best android launchers.
The approximate ratio of the rating is nearly 4.67 in Play Store. Finally, it helps the smart people to shine well with its awesome android launcher.

Download Smart Launcher

5. Action Launcher 3

Action launcher is one of the awesome launchers for android which is fully action packed with its features and tweaks. This launcher has greater exposure in the Play Store market due to the viral downloads in a shorter period.
Thus Ineedblog team is wise in choosing this as a best android launcher. The attractive look and awesome launcher features will sure color up your homescreen in a better mode. The launcher for windows style can also be themed up with this launcher set without any doubt that it can customize the action packed modules as well.

Download Action Launcher

The Action Launcher suits the quality criteria amd other checks made by the team Ineedblog. Finally this Action Launcher got the spot in the good android launcher list.

So, the top 5 launchers for the android device have been successfully reviewed and showcased for your convineince finally. The best android launchers listed in this article is taken as an initial list in our team and the updation will be provided once the changes appear in the launcher industry.

Stay loved with our blog. Share your comments and thoughts under the comment section. Feel free to notify us of any queries and request.

How to run iOS applications on your Android device?

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Did you updated your Apple Product to iOS9?

Mind-blowing iOS 9 updates for Apple lovers

On those days (I mean past decades) the stage is seen as a place to showcase the talents. But the latest scenario enumerates that the people with handy smartphones are being able to showcase their talents in a better-optimized way. The latest iOS 9 updates specially released in this time have a great exposure to the crowd.
The major reason is that ios updates 9 brings a major improvement and bug fix eventually making the people's wish i.e., iPhone 9 update to be live in this generation.

The iPhone users are able to stand unique in this society due to their habitual actions with their iPhone and iOS gadgets. The revolutionary applications and featured services in this world brought up a great source of guides resulting to a developing human culture as well.
Thus, the iOS 9 updates bring a dramatic change in the existing users. Apple's 9th update have several useful and essentially desired features to satisfies the needs of iOS loyal customers.

There is a controversial debate is still exist in this funny yet busy world and it is nothing but the "Apple vs Android". This debate had made a competitive level in the gadget's industry and that leads to a positive development as well. Irrespective of OS development, these companies are making a better world.
The iPhone is a luxury come convenient device and the Android smart devices are the one which is meant for simply productivity. Both of the OS have their own functions and qualities.

iPhone 6s is confirmed to be the fasted Apple device that can do performance greater than the Mac Air book effectively. This is made due to the A8 special processor that is injected into the latest iPhone 6S gadgets. The conference that was held on 9th September 2015 tells the diverse iOS 9 updates improvement and special features.

iOS 9 updates blog post.
iOS 9 updates blog post.

The compilation of iOS 9 updates is listed briefly below.

  1. Improved Siri Updated with iOS 9
  2. Optimized search result with relevancy
  3. News Events buzz with Apple News
  4. Gallery organized with Folders
  5. Battery saving mission
  6. iOS 9 updates minimalistic size
  7. Play and Drive (use with cautions)
  8. Genuine Data transfer and sync
  9. Back button virtual option at the top left screen
  10. Strengthened Security updated.

The iOS 9 features, iOS 9 latest improvement, the list of iOS 9 improvements are showcased below.

1. Improved Siri Updated with iOS 9

The Siri functions as a Virtual Assistant for the iOS platform. It is widely used application based virtual assistant as well. It is attained due to the responsive quality voice deducting functions built-in with the iOS system.

The iOS 9 updates come up with the great improvement as expected by the Siri lovers. This could perform well with the user engagement algorithm as well. The more enhancement is made with this iOS 9 featured update. It can directly compete with the Google Now and Cortana in order to bring the best results out with the users' engagement (experience).

2. Optimized search result with relevancy

The searching function is a major thing to be seen with this latest updates brought up by iOS developers. The quality of the search result is further improved with a perfect relevancy as it is always liked by the user who is using the iOS gadgets. It includes Swipe Home option for fast action.

The tailored results are accurately shown and guided with this apple 9 updates. The search results are optimized to the core as it looks to feel like Apple is spying on us.

3. News Events buzz with Apple News

Like Buzzfeed and Flipboard the iOS 9 comes up with the greater improvement to display the tailored news content based on the location and usage to the screen with the application called Apple News. The application is made specially to provide the curated news collections in a meaningful way as they can enrich once locality awareness as well.

4. Gallery organized with Folders

The iPhone and other iOS users have a request for a long duration to change the look of photos and other media files in an organized way. This desired request has been integrated with the apple 9 updates after a long expectation. The gallery is now fully organized and easily navigated to the destination. Thus, the larger scrolling time is killed with this folder based collection of images and all the snaps taken via the iOS gadgets indeed.

The photo gallery is grouped based on the folders and even the users have the ability to create a new folder. The photos can be movable and the selfie folder is also generated. Thus, the Selfie folder keeps tracking all the selfie photos in a single place. This is found to be a major improvement in the ios updates at this time.

5. Battery saving mission

However the great iPhone may be, but the battery discharge is found to be a miserable thing while comparing with the smartphones that run on the Android platform. The iOS 9 updates have brought up significance development with the battery discharge level and battery optimization to match the processor. The battery life (battery backup) is increased with this new ios updates 9 as the automation is completely restricted while the user activates his/her "Low Power Mode".

The low power mode can automatically restrict the battery draining "Background app refresh" in time that can free up some usage time.

6. iOS 9 updates minimalistic size

The apple 9 updates can be easily updated by all the people without any flaws. The iOS 9 updates bundled with approximately just 1.35 GB or lesser. This is accepted data size and it can be stayed up without any memory issue which is seen in the last update. The smaller minimalistic size favors every iPhone, iPad mini and other iOS gadgets owners update their device without any hassle.

7. Play and Drive (use with cautions)

To relax while driving the iOS 9 "Car Play" will satisfy the magical desire in exact location and time without any deterioration.
The iOS 9 latest improvement with the Car Play has a major sync function to play the songs/tracks via the Wi-Fi connection perfectly. Thus, the AUX cable tradition has come to an end.

The proper precaution measures and reasonable volume should be considered while hearing the music on driving the car. Because a life is valuable than the piece of music entertainment.

8. Genuine Data transfer and sync

The heck in the iOS part is due to its restriction in sharing the datas to any other OS platform based device. It is now taken as a major concern and the issue is fixed by the new application called "Move to iOS". This small handy application acts as a cross sharing module for Android and iOS platform. The iOS 9 updates enhanced the sharing functionality to the core.
Thus, the people who are migrating their Android device to the new iOS platform can make use of this great small application. The contacts, bookmarks, photos and even the wallpapers are able to sync between any of the devices without any efforts.

There is an optional third-party sharing application called "Share it" available in the Apple store for fast data sharing and sync between cross platforms.

9. Back button virtual option at the top left screen

The iPhone and other iOS gadgets usually come with a single navigation button. It is seen as the back button and used for a variety of purposes. But it looks annoying for many iOS users as they need to hard hit their center button for any previous tasks or to reach the back state as well.
So, Apple 9 update made a massive improvement with this update by placing the virtual soft key at the top most left side on the screen. The back to previous application is made simple and fast with this new soft key in the Apple 9 update features. Finally, it could save a few seconds of work with an effortless action.

10. Keyboard improvement - arising of shift key

The keyboard in iOS got a dramatic change over with this latest iOS 9 updates. This is an awaited request by the major iOS users worldwide. The major issue is that the keyboard is capable of showing the CAPS letter in its keyboard strategy and this may be sometimes annoying to the users which could lead to a confused state of mind. Thus improving the users engagement and quality of iOS platform the company have made changes in its keyboard area by providing the letters in the small case and adopted a shift key. This shift key can wisely change the letter cases istantly.

Adding to the list of iOS 9 improvements, the keyboard is tailored with the users' country scene by placing the symbols that are usually used by the specific countries such as their currency.

Anyway, the iOS 9 updates made the world upgrade to the best with these sort of iOS improvements.

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

The best 10 crazy awesome website list

10 awesome crazy websites list with info

The world is ruined by the interesting and impressive action overloaded in the magical way. There are several billions of websites available in this planet (Earth) and what we can't imagine is that there may exist some advanced technology on some other planet (just a guess). So here we have decided to pick up the best out of best websites in a pretty way. So, simply check this blog post to know the exact crazy websites that still exist in this era.

The websites that are listed below are picked up with some quality and viral strategy criteria. The time may respond these sites to change its terms and use. So carefully read the terms of usage with the listed websites. These sites are termed as a crazily attractive and awesome website. We have listed 10 best crazy websites that could change your lifestyle as well. The best 10 crazy awesome website list includes as stated below.

The best 10 crazy awesome website list:

  1. qClock
10 crazily awesome website list.
10 crazily awesome website list.

Note: You can visit the sites by clicking the headings below or seek a help of google directly.


Are you a traveller or global learner?
If the answer is positive, then you can check this website to look the exact local time of any place by clicking the places on Google Maps.
You can effortlessly check the time of any place by the help of pointing the Google Maps effectively.
This is found to be the crazy source for many time travellers.

If you are serious Internet user, you have come across many websites and you may have clicked too many URL links that are hidden basically.
The URL such as,, and many other hidden links.
This could make you feel unsafe and sometimes it causes spam attacks too.
So feel free and say goodbye to spammers and trickers. Now easily find what's on these suspicious links while you surf the internet. Just copy and paste those shortened URLs in the and find the exact landing page or landing action in a pretty awesome way.

Do you wanna capture a whole web page as a single image?
If yes, you can head to and simply enter the desired page which you need to capture as a photo image file. Finally, get your screenshot image of that webpage and share them with any people easily. This will help people to read the important articles via the single image file and in the place where the internet connectivity fails.

The website is listed as one of the 10 crazy awesome websites due to the useful feature which they got.
The people who are using internet connection frequently and have become a part of their day-to-day life must check this useful website. This website is capable of scanning the suspicious email attachments instantly. The risk of opening any dangerous email attachment is now the past. You can hand over the scanning job to the website and sit back to get the results.
This crazy website will let you know whether the attached email files threaten to the life or ain't.

Are you an interesting news collecting guy/girl?
If the answer is yes, then you need to stalk this website at least once in your journey. This awesome website can easily reformat any news articles or any blog articles to a pretty simple readable layout. The reformatted content will be delivered to you as like a traditional newspaper layout.
So, you can get out of those non-sense advertisement in every scene.

If you need to organise everything by time and really in a need of assistant for all your task to be done in this world, you can watch this website to satisfies your needs. This website is cool and capable of organizing,manage and outsources all your time managing activities with their simple layout.
You can set up the timer for any jobs to be completed wisely with this simple yet effective crazy website online.

The CDN stands for Content Discovery Network (I think I am right here).
These are capable of collecting and storing of any popular contents in their server and finally showcase to the needy people in right time. If the site is down or not working due to any technical or server overload, don't panic. You can still view the contents and other major stuff of any website easily by requesting the website with this area.
You will not worry with this crazy awesome useful website which could probably help you in time.

This is listed as the great useful website in our blog post due to its loyal features. The loyal feature is that you can share your email address anytime to anyone without any fear of spam. This website is quite helpful in spam mail protection.
Check this website to enhance your online presence without worrying about spammers.

The fonts are of different styles and structure as each follows some unique criteria. You can now easily find out the font on any images which you like to know for reference effortlessly. If there is an attractive font over the images, then you can upload the image on the above URL and get the full details of that font which you are fond of it.

Need to know what things is your crush doing on the PC?
Yep, you can now view your crush or any other peoples' screen in your home with this amazing clever website. If your partner starts paring with the network using this awesome website, you can beautifully view that person's PC screen. This will be helpful in stalking the people, maintaining a group project, managing a spy virtual assistant and used for lots of work.

The author of this article keeps the list updated via the new blog post and this is not a one stop list of all crazy website list. In, this world we can come through too many of awesome crazy websites and services that are really helpful for the human kind.
The newer list and desired web services will be enhanced by the upcoming post.

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Saturday, 20 February 2016

The WhatsApp Viral Marketing hacks

The Top 5 Viral WhatsApp Marketing Case Studies and Guide

The land of majestic marketing is the one which makes a huge impact in this generation.
The majestic and powerful marketing strategy keeps the entrepreneurs to live luxury with this type of marketing.
The whatsapp application brought up a majestic and reliable services in the Instant Messaging sector. The real case study of whatsapp marketing which I have gone through will keep you to drive the real targeted visitor (that converts to subscriber) to your blog/website for sure.

The whatsapp marketing strategy is a combination of viral marketing ideas and the lazy crazy idea. The whatsapp deserved the right place in this world of Instant Messaging as the quality qualifies the rank.
The viral marketing campaign could be established using the help of whatsapp marketing software and other bulk whatsapp message sender applications. This requires time and constant monitoring action should be undertaken.

The whatsapp actively ranked as a top application and service provider for delivering the messages occasionally. Thus it favours the entrepreneurs and other small online workers to make use of this application. This leads to the Whatsapp Marketing Strategy.

WhatsApp Viral Marketing guide
WhatsApp Viral Marketing guide

The crazy and lazy whatsapp marketing methods and tricks are provided below for creating a new dimensional traffic to your blog/websites instantly. 

1.Update Tricks

The Whatsapp that was acquired by the Facebook Inc. owned by Mr.Mark Zuckerberg updates their application frequently to serve a better service indeed. So, make a note on this action and you have to implement this situation aptly.
Just create a Whatsapp message and send it to your friends, WhatsApp broadcasting list, or to the groups as well.

"Hey there did you noticed the new Whatsapp application update? I have updated and got benefited with the latest features. So, simply send this whatsapp message to any 3 members or to any 3 group and finally click the link below to see the magic. http://www........"

Note: In the place of "http://www......" just insert the link to your blog post containing the whatsapp direct download link ( including the blog post regarding whatsapp article related to your niche.

Now your innocent friends will start sharing the messages to the groups and peoples madly. They will share this to multiple location and thereby your visitors starts reading the blog post and finally go through your website.
Finally, your Alexa Rank and other metrics will be enhanced by this Whatsapp "Update Tricks" method via Whatsapp marketing strategy.

2.Share this message to your close friends only

The whatsapp marketing is a funny but it is believed as a powerful method to reach thousands of visitors in a short period.
By this method you are going to create a blogpost containing funny, emotional, erotic, anger and other cute quotes.
So you are able to compile each and every fantastic quotes to a single post. Then the blog URL of the post is shorten inorder to achieve the whatsapp marketing growth strategy perfectly.
The number of quotes should be at least 30 or above.

(Note: URL shortening services provides deep analytical data and it may be worth checking)

After the completion of the above tasks, you should forward the below lines to any of your friends and also spread to the whatsapp group.

"Hello buddies let us play for a while. Just forward this message to your close friends and loved whatsapp group only. After 15 minutes, count the number of typical message that you received and go to this link and check the quotes that suits you the best. http://www......." 

Now the people starts sharing this message to their close friends as well as to the maximum contact virally. They would engage to your blog post and also check the related post for god sake.

3.Meme viral whatsapp marketing

Memes are the recently famous one that every human starts loving and laugh to the extreme. This quality of fond of meme made the whatsapp marketing fine to the next level. There are tons of memes already created by the people in this planet and they start making the viral action via the small picture containing a troll or cool meme. There are different types of online sites that allows the users to create meme for free using the preloaded layouts. So, you are just making the texts and the work is simple.

  • Using the above technique, it is possible to create a buzz for your blog or website to rank well and gain traffic steadily.
  • Create a meme collection that suits your blogging niche/blogging industry and copy the URL of the post.
  • Now the blog URL address is shorten to collect the fruitful data and it also seems to be clear short URL.
  • The whatsapp marketing strategy includes the variety of factors such as time management, crazy tasks, consistency and creativity.
  • The meme is generated along with the shorten URL on the meme picture is recommended. 

(Note: Create only the sharable quality meme along with your blog Url shorten on the screen)

The meme is spread through the whatsapp and there is a possible of conversion of viewers into visitors. The people likely to follow the URL that is shown on the meme.
This is because the meme lovers and crazy addicts starts digging more memes and so they reach your landing blog post fastly.
Then the probability of dominating your industry is achieved effortlessly.

(Look: If the meme is not edited with the shorten URL, then the URL message should be sent followed by the meme snap to capture the visitors)

Finally, uniqueness enhanced through this simple meme viral whatsapp marketing to drive amazing traffic and conversion.

4.Cheating content whatsapp marketing

Cheating isn't a cheating when the owner doesn't bother about it in this whatsapp marketing world. There are huge informative and quality content shared in this WhatsApp messaging application. It is noted that these quality contents and long articles are more shared in this scene.

So, just add your website URL or related blog post URL at the end of the WhatsApp message that contains quality article. Then just share it with the world as it is informative whatsapp message.

You get a greater exposure and visitors to your blog/website. But this method is normally not encouraged by the team Ineedblog as it may violate the resource provider and sometimes it may cause serious damages to your credibility.

5.Broadcast WhatsApp marketing

You are about to create a laser targeted group based on your niche or industry using the WhatsApp messaging application.
It is recommended to add huge custom people to your broadcasting list to attain more conversion.
To create a virality and exposure using whatsapp marketing technique, it is recommended to have a list that could notify or buzz the people about the recent happenings and the blogpost.

You can easily get the people in your broadcast messaging list by requesting them to subscribe to your instant messaging service.
Buy a new SIM or contact information say +1 19xxxxxxx and use this mobile number for your marketing purpose.
Now create a banner or text containing the below words.

"Hey, wanna get the latest buzz instantly? Then just give a missed call to +1 19xxxxxxx or simply whatsapp [JOIN XX] to us"

There are several possibilities to spread this above words such as via a facebook comment, facebook group post, twitter tweet, auto blog feature on Tumblr, YouTube videos, and lots more.

Don't spam the words. Make sure you spread the words to attain a good whatsapp marketing strategy.
Thus your viral marketing campaign will be a successful one using this whatsapp marketing tricks without heading to any whatsapp marketing software or whatsapp bulk sender.

Optional: You can block all the incoming call to your new marketing SIM or contact connection to avoid spam calls to you.

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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Selection of a valuable Green Car

Basic Guide for a Best Green Car with Navigation control

Green cars are literally not the green coloured cars. The real meaning is that these cars are efficient in fuel and spreads only the less harmful gases. Thus, these cars are safe for the environment. There exist several green cars available in this planet but choosing a wise one is a bit tough task. Everyone loves to buy high-quality cars with less pollution and maintenance fee. So, while choosing the good green car will suit the above needs in a better way. These qualities will bring massive improvement in the life as it is packed with an advanced navigation technology.

The collection of green cars are widely available based on shape, size and types. This includes natural gases, ethanol, hybrid quality and perfect diesel. Lot of factors including the lifestyle and living standard have to be taken into the account to view a best car for the environment indeed.

Selection of Green Car with navigation control.

The efficiency of the fuel is the major reason for selecting a green car. It is recommended to go with latest navigation technology as it is helpful in locating the places easily. So for selecting an advanced and attractive car, an effective car is to be selected with low engine capacity perfectly. This category car includes advanced technology and has the power to give exactly accurate torque at a low RPM rate in mean time. Normally a car consumes less fuel while driving a long distance with an average speed. It is only achieved when the car's engine works efficiently without any fluctuations.

Go Green Cars illustration via
Go Green Cars illustration via

Apart from that, while choosing to go green, a lot of brands starts focusing on the luxury hybrid cars with a meaningfully low engine capability. Anyhow they are quite expesive to manufacture than the normal conventional car manufactured in the same section. The mileage is stable and quite good if the car is specially manufactured for consuming a less fuel eventually. If there is less fuel consumption, then the emission rate is also reduced to the core. For a better branded car that is eco-friendly should meet some special criteria such as maintenance, fuel efficient, best condition and a lightweight product (Smooth cars).

Carbon Dioxide being the major gas that emitts from the car. So, one could be more happy if the car comes with emission free. This could be attained by considering Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) in this scenario. As the name of the vehicle emphazises that the car is fully operated with the electric power which neglects the usage of fuel and other harmful gas emitting gasoline. Thus one must charge their car before driving to reach at least 300 Kms. Before obtaining this type of green car one must be aware of advantages and disadvantages of using a electrically powered gren cars. Basically it comes with powerful auto intelligent navigation system for making the journey pretty.

The catalytic converter is the essential part that filters the emission of harmful gases which exactly produces hazardous health diseases. It is mostly equipped with the green cars that ensures the safety and eco-friendly part.

These introduction to the green cars are the basic level guide only. However one must keep in mind that these type of cars are not cheap while compared with the conventional usual cars in the market.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Green cars are eco-friently, safe, automated navigations and fuel efficient which are helpful in making a green world without any flaws. Thus, this green car will make a revolution in the life of young people for sure.
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