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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Did you updated your Apple Product to iOS9?

Mind-blowing iOS 9 updates for Apple lovers

On those days (I mean past decades) the stage is seen as a place to showcase the talents. But the latest scenario enumerates that the people with handy smartphones are being able to showcase their talents in a better-optimized way. The latest iOS 9 updates specially released in this time have a great exposure to the crowd.
The major reason is that ios updates 9 brings a major improvement and bug fix eventually making the people's wish i.e., iPhone 9 update to be live in this generation.

The iPhone users are able to stand unique in this society due to their habitual actions with their iPhone and iOS gadgets. The revolutionary applications and featured services in this world brought up a great source of guides resulting to a developing human culture as well.
Thus, the iOS 9 updates bring a dramatic change in the existing users. Apple's 9th update have several useful and essentially desired features to satisfies the needs of iOS loyal customers.

There is a controversial debate is still exist in this funny yet busy world and it is nothing but the "Apple vs Android". This debate had made a competitive level in the gadget's industry and that leads to a positive development as well. Irrespective of OS development, these companies are making a better world.
The iPhone is a luxury come convenient device and the Android smart devices are the one which is meant for simply productivity. Both of the OS have their own functions and qualities.

iPhone 6s is confirmed to be the fasted Apple device that can do performance greater than the Mac Air book effectively. This is made due to the A8 special processor that is injected into the latest iPhone 6S gadgets. The conference that was held on 9th September 2015 tells the diverse iOS 9 updates improvement and special features.

iOS 9 updates blog post.
iOS 9 updates blog post.

The compilation of iOS 9 updates is listed briefly below.

  1. Improved Siri Updated with iOS 9
  2. Optimized search result with relevancy
  3. News Events buzz with Apple News
  4. Gallery organized with Folders
  5. Battery saving mission
  6. iOS 9 updates minimalistic size
  7. Play and Drive (use with cautions)
  8. Genuine Data transfer and sync
  9. Back button virtual option at the top left screen
  10. Strengthened Security updated.

The iOS 9 features, iOS 9 latest improvement, the list of iOS 9 improvements are showcased below.

1. Improved Siri Updated with iOS 9

The Siri functions as a Virtual Assistant for the iOS platform. It is widely used application based virtual assistant as well. It is attained due to the responsive quality voice deducting functions built-in with the iOS system.

The iOS 9 updates come up with the great improvement as expected by the Siri lovers. This could perform well with the user engagement algorithm as well. The more enhancement is made with this iOS 9 featured update. It can directly compete with the Google Now and Cortana in order to bring the best results out with the users' engagement (experience).

2. Optimized search result with relevancy

The searching function is a major thing to be seen with this latest updates brought up by iOS developers. The quality of the search result is further improved with a perfect relevancy as it is always liked by the user who is using the iOS gadgets. It includes Swipe Home option for fast action.

The tailored results are accurately shown and guided with this apple 9 updates. The search results are optimized to the core as it looks to feel like Apple is spying on us.

3. News Events buzz with Apple News

Like Buzzfeed and Flipboard the iOS 9 comes up with the greater improvement to display the tailored news content based on the location and usage to the screen with the application called Apple News. The application is made specially to provide the curated news collections in a meaningful way as they can enrich once locality awareness as well.

4. Gallery organized with Folders

The iPhone and other iOS users have a request for a long duration to change the look of photos and other media files in an organized way. This desired request has been integrated with the apple 9 updates after a long expectation. The gallery is now fully organized and easily navigated to the destination. Thus, the larger scrolling time is killed with this folder based collection of images and all the snaps taken via the iOS gadgets indeed.

The photo gallery is grouped based on the folders and even the users have the ability to create a new folder. The photos can be movable and the selfie folder is also generated. Thus, the Selfie folder keeps tracking all the selfie photos in a single place. This is found to be a major improvement in the ios updates at this time.

5. Battery saving mission

However the great iPhone may be, but the battery discharge is found to be a miserable thing while comparing with the smartphones that run on the Android platform. The iOS 9 updates have brought up significance development with the battery discharge level and battery optimization to match the processor. The battery life (battery backup) is increased with this new ios updates 9 as the automation is completely restricted while the user activates his/her "Low Power Mode".

The low power mode can automatically restrict the battery draining "Background app refresh" in time that can free up some usage time.

6. iOS 9 updates minimalistic size

The apple 9 updates can be easily updated by all the people without any flaws. The iOS 9 updates bundled with approximately just 1.35 GB or lesser. This is accepted data size and it can be stayed up without any memory issue which is seen in the last update. The smaller minimalistic size favors every iPhone, iPad mini and other iOS gadgets owners update their device without any hassle.

7. Play and Drive (use with cautions)

To relax while driving the iOS 9 "Car Play" will satisfy the magical desire in exact location and time without any deterioration.
The iOS 9 latest improvement with the Car Play has a major sync function to play the songs/tracks via the Wi-Fi connection perfectly. Thus, the AUX cable tradition has come to an end.

The proper precaution measures and reasonable volume should be considered while hearing the music on driving the car. Because a life is valuable than the piece of music entertainment.

8. Genuine Data transfer and sync

The heck in the iOS part is due to its restriction in sharing the datas to any other OS platform based device. It is now taken as a major concern and the issue is fixed by the new application called "Move to iOS". This small handy application acts as a cross sharing module for Android and iOS platform. The iOS 9 updates enhanced the sharing functionality to the core.
Thus, the people who are migrating their Android device to the new iOS platform can make use of this great small application. The contacts, bookmarks, photos and even the wallpapers are able to sync between any of the devices without any efforts.

There is an optional third-party sharing application called "Share it" available in the Apple store for fast data sharing and sync between cross platforms.

9. Back button virtual option at the top left screen

The iPhone and other iOS gadgets usually come with a single navigation button. It is seen as the back button and used for a variety of purposes. But it looks annoying for many iOS users as they need to hard hit their center button for any previous tasks or to reach the back state as well.
So, Apple 9 update made a massive improvement with this update by placing the virtual soft key at the top most left side on the screen. The back to previous application is made simple and fast with this new soft key in the Apple 9 update features. Finally, it could save a few seconds of work with an effortless action.

10. Keyboard improvement - arising of shift key

The keyboard in iOS got a dramatic change over with this latest iOS 9 updates. This is an awaited request by the major iOS users worldwide. The major issue is that the keyboard is capable of showing the CAPS letter in its keyboard strategy and this may be sometimes annoying to the users which could lead to a confused state of mind. Thus improving the users engagement and quality of iOS platform the company have made changes in its keyboard area by providing the letters in the small case and adopted a shift key. This shift key can wisely change the letter cases istantly.

Adding to the list of iOS 9 improvements, the keyboard is tailored with the users' country scene by placing the symbols that are usually used by the specific countries such as their currency.

Anyway, the iOS 9 updates made the world upgrade to the best with these sort of iOS improvements.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

"Asus ZenFone 2" The Fast & Furious Smartphone camera - ZF2 with PixelMaster technology and 4GB RAM

"ZenFone 2" The Fast & Furious Smartphone camera - ZF2 with PixelMaster technology.

Hello, my dear blog readers.
This post is to inform you regarding my great suggestion to buy a low-budget powerful smartphone.
As we tend to blog every incident and capture the moments. We really need a good companion (A smartphone) with us.
Life would be faster and happier if we achieve our dreams.
Likewise taking a photo or blogging an event or any else, we need a source to express those loving moments.
That's why people likely to prefer a smart device on their hands.
Everywhere we go we attach our mobile device into our pockets.

Well, let me come to the point.
I am very much impressed with a phone's specification the last day.
It is absolutely a miracle specification that I haven't seen it before.
Yeah, I am speaking regarding the great phone called "Asus Zenfone 2".
Asus after their successful history in producing the best mobiles have decided to offer a full featured phone at a low cost.
The specification makes a great desire for everyone, as it is packed with extreme features.

#AsusZenfone2 firstlook via-asus website
#AsusZenfone2 firstlook via-asus website

By this post, you will find the reviews on the following.
 Performance, Gaming capability, PixelMaster technology on camera and stunning more extra  features.
As per Indian policy, ASUS have agreed with FLIPKART for a flash sale from 23rd May (2015) onwards.

Check the product page here (must see).

Ineedblog proudly asks the readers to buy this Superuser Phone for excellent productivity on blogging, photography, creativity and gaming.

Camera- Like a fully defined eye (High definition)

The camera is the powerful feature with this phone.
It is constructed with 13 MP main camera and 5 MP rear camera features.
It has "Dual LED flash" and a "Toshiba sensor" to activate awesomeness with photographs.
It is featured by a greatest technology, "PixelMaster" which has a capability to capture any photos during a dark night. (400% brighter & smarter)
It is also packed with smarter features like 3x optical HD zoom and "Panaromic Selfie mode" for good productivity.

#Zenfone2 camera lens via-asus website
#Zenfone2 camera lens via-asus website

4GB RAM- Like a superuser

"Asus Zenfone 2" has 4GB RAM feature, which is a good deal for gamers and multi-taskers.
This phone is very much unique with 4GB RAM as it is offered for a Low price(High performance)
It has 64 bit, 2.3 GHz combined with Super Quad Core "Intel Atom processor".
As we know about INTEL, the most trusted processor. This is a good news for every customer.
The new LTE-cat technology can generate download speed from 250 Mbit/sec and to higher.
There is no delay or lag in the performance as the powerful features make a good sense.
Games such as GTA, FIFA 15, Real racing, etc., can be played without any lag or hang.
"Zen UI" is most beautifully spread on the 5.5 inches screen. It also provides an up-to-date premium updates for free.

Extras- Like a mixed companion

The stunning look of "Asus Zenfone 2" is due to Ergonomic Arc Design.
It has 5-mode Positioning navigation feature to fire up tracking location.
It has 6430 PowerVR that will make your battery consumption in an optimized manner.
It has fast charging kernel that can charge your Zenfone to 60% within 39 minutes.
It is preloaded with Android 5.0 version (Lollipop).

"low" is not a "least". "Least" is replaced with "Best".
As per ASUS "Zenfone 2" product is a milestone in its history.


Share your love with your friends "ASUS Zenfone 2" using the below hashtags.

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Digital India Vision - #DigitalIndia

Digital India Vision - #DigitalIndia A successful lead.

This is specially prepared article to make India a Technological place for the future generation.
(Edited on March 2015)

India is the second largest Nation to have Population growth next to China.
While talking about Technology sector, we haven't dominated.

India is an only nation to have a popular slogan "Unity in Diversity".
They have the ability to withstand any crisis occurs in the Nation safely.
But while talking about the Technology field, India is still behind those Strategy Ranks world-wide.
The ultimate way to enhance the strength of Technological power can be achieved through "E-Bharat"

E-Bharat makes the sense of success in technological fields to yield high world-ranking score in a short period.

The following schemes can be either done solely (by Government) or with the help of a corporate giant such as Intel Corporation Company.

(The scheme represented here is just a virtual imagination by the Author to achieve a good Quality article.The aim of this article emphasizes the productive way to start-up E-Bharat in India)

This article is specially made for the readers to achieve a great knowledge to share for public awareness. proudly presents this article to dedicate for Our most trusted Technological giant "Intel Corporation Company"

E-Governance #DigitalIndia by +sathish satz to +Intel India
E-Governance #DigitalIndia by +sathish satz to +Intel India 

 Our thoughts on E-Bharat includes.

  1.  E-Siksa
  2. E-Minara
  3. E-Pulisa
  4. E-Dekha
  5. E-Rupaya


("Siksa" refers to "education")

  • This idea is based on the High-quality educational system.
  • E-Siksa can be set out in every Government schools in India which can be very much useful for building up a High-Standard Education system in India.
  • Nowadays Educational institution works only for Earning huge money, where the word "Services" changed to "Sales" in India.
  • The idea makes public prefer "Government schools" rather than joining a Business based "Private school".
  • E-Siksa mainly includes "Visual screen" for teaching.The technological based visual screen makes the education more digital and simple.
  • This can make every school students be active in their session and learn something new that stay in their mind forever.
  • We strongly recommend Intel Inc. to join the hands with Indian Government ASAP.


("Minara" stands for "tower")

  • This idea is based on the High-quality communication system.
  • E-Minara can be set out by Indian Government to make India stay connected with each other.
  • This can be attained by establishing Free Government WI-FI Hotspot in every major area.
  • We also recommend Government to set up Connectivity in Remote villages as well.
  • Government can also set up free connectivity in every area if people plant 10 Trees in their locality.
  • Planting trees make India an Eco-Friendly nation and will make a public awareness perfectly.


("Pulisa" means "police")

  • This idea is based on the High-quality cyber safety.
  • E-Pulisa can be set out by the Government of India with a group of technological specialist to perform as an online-cop.
  • This can extremely save people from online cheats, online war, caste & religious conflicts, sexual harassment, etc.,
  • The team can perform actions against above frauds and faults if any citizen of India files a complaint online.
  • These days people likely to use online web access as a major source of their research, entertainment, business and shopping activities.
  • So Indian Government must spy on every immoral activity that cause crisis in India.
  • Special and Secret protection must be provided to the E-Pulisa team is recommended.


("Dekha" is termed as "see")

  • This idea is based on the High-quality human safety.
  • E-Dekha can be set out by Indian Government to make a record of each and every moment happened in the police station, Government office, Government service centres, etc.,
  • These all Government office should be connected via WebCam to a control room.
  • This could track illegal actions like Bribe activity, Harmful attack on the police station, Merciless attack of poor people in India.
  • The operation should be joined with the hands of the technological guru such as "Intel" to provide digital India Vision perfectly.


("Rupaya" stands for "Rupees")

  • This idea is based on the High-quality employment, governance and also to improve freelance work.
  • E-Rupaya can be set out from India to really make a solution for unemployment and also can solve financial problem in India.
  • E-Rupaya includes a Web site domain that can drive every Indian unemployed citizens to do the job online for their survival.
  • Unemployment makes people lose their hope to live in this land.
  • Every year, many Indian institutions sent out so many Engineers and Professional students. This leads to unemployment.
  • Each and every student has their own passionate skills in a particular field as well.
  • Anyhow E-Rupaya can give projects to be completed for their skilled work.
  • These projects can be provided by Multi-Branded companies to make this India a prosperous nation.
  • Thus we can eliminate the word "Poverty" in our "Crisis Book" shortly.


 This article is heartily dedicated to "INTEL INDIA" and to the "INDIAN GOVERNMENT".
 This article is owned by the author "SATHISH SATZ".
 Only above three members have the ability to re-establish, copy, edit this content for any use.
 This article is published on March 28, 2015.
 The statement provided in this article is solely accepted and the author is responsible for the words mentioned here.

We (INB) appreciate your valuable comments and suggestions for this article.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Low on memory and slow process in android? - Solution

Low on memory and slow process in android? - Solution

If you are very much tolerated by Android's "Low on memory" and Slower process , then check out this article for sure.

Hello folks its android era and we make some good sense with it.

There are several problems though arise in android device.

Mainly the low end device gets memory storage issue and slower process crisis.

Pic A- "low on memory" crisis.
Pic A- "low on memory" crisis.

Always when you try to do some thing awesome you get irritated with "low on memory" warning on notification bar.

This could make you loose hope on your own device. 

There exists several methods including simple and advanced method to overcome this memory problem.

Many people say you to move your application to SDcard using "move to sd" but actually the data is moved . Still your apk bundled within your internal storage.

The simple way to keep your memory free are stated below.

1.Remove unused applications and games.

  •    Remove unwanted application and games which you never use it frequently.

  •    You can install any light weight applications 

   eg. "Facebook app", "Twitter app", etc., (normally high than 40mb each) can be replaced with lightweight apps like "Friendcaster","Tweet lane"(normally under 5mb)

Pic 1- Uninstall unwanted applications in android
Pic 1- Uninstall unwanted applications in android


2.Clear cache.

  •    Clearing cache is the instant simple way to make your device run faster. Removing or swiping the recent apps from multi tasking menu doesnt make your device any magic.

  •   There are several Third party application available to clear cache with your rules.

   eg.Link2sd,android assistant,etc.,

Pic 2- Clear cache in android device
Pic 2- Clear cache in android device


NOTE: Avoid downloading any cache clearing app exceeding 5mb. Because the app with high memory cause your device to run slower.


3.Disable unwanted system application and games (freeze) .

  •    System application or games cannot be uninstalled without ROOTING process. So it is suggested to disable unwanted Pre-installed application to avoid unexpected RAM usage by those apps.

Pic 3- Disable unwanted system applications
Pic 3- Disable unwanted system applications

   NOTE:Disabling Google service framework application can cause malfunctioning of the device.Suggestion is made only with third party applications that are pre-installed.

4.Disable auto-update apps in Play Store.

  •    Play store can even cause your device fails to work steadily. This is happened due to Hidden auto update of any application in background without our sense.

  • so to prevent over data usage and hidden RAM usage do as follows.

   Go to Play Store-->option-->Auto-update apps-->Do not auto-update apps.

Pic 4- Disable auto update apps in play store
Pic 4- Disable auto update apps in play store


   NOTE:For up-to-date version on Play store it is also suggested to keep the settings as "Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only"


5.Update your mobile.

  •    Android is updating its version frequently to make users to enjoy seamless features and bug free activities.

  •   So updating your Version can have a fast access over the preceding version.

   To Update your phone do as follows.
   Go to System settings-->About phone-->Software updates-->Update.

   Hint:You can pause or install updates later.Use Wi-Fi to update if possible because data usage may be greater as above 300mb.


 NOTE:Some device doesn't have this above option due to manufacturer limit. But even you can Update via ROOTING process.



  •    Widgets normally have good looking over home screen but the bad part is that it can drain your battery and use heavy RAM.

  •  Remove all widgets from the home screen and live wallpaper from home screen.

  • Keep simple cache clearing widget, close app widget and Fast reboot widget in home screen. Tap the three widget simultaneously to make your phone faster.
Pic 4- Disable auto update apps in play store
Pic 5- Remove widgets and add cache clearing widget.

   Hint:Fast Reboot is an lightweight app that has ability to reboot the system tweaks and keeps fresh data alone. It was developed by "Great Bytes Softwares"

7.Tune Developer Option.

  •  Developer option has much more facility to tune the system as your way easily.

  •  To make good fast running device "Yurn off Force GPU rendering"

  • Limit Windows animation scale and transition animation scale to "1x"  

Pic 6- Tune android developer option for faster access
Pic 6- Tune android developer option for faster access

8.Turn your Data connection off .

  • Turning "Data on" can lead way to slow down your device dramatically when not in use.

  • Turning "Data on" may result in displaying ADS in your device makes mobile to crawl your RAM and Data rapidly

  • The signal transmitted over 3G network drains your Battery faster than used by 2G network.
Pic 7- Turn your mobile data off to enhance performance
Pic 7- Turn your mobile data off to enhance performance

Advanced method of speeding up and extend memory of Android via ROOTING process will be updated soon.  


   The article may vary with the statement due to content date created.
   If you found any statement has updated or not working. Simply comment below or contact us.
   This could make other users to smile and thank you by saying your name.
   If any suggestion or false statement here feel free to inform us.
Sharing is caring.
Spread love and love others. :)

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Are you an android user? If not check this out.

Are you an android user?

If not then you will sure like droid life soon due to its popularity.

Hello android its your century well 21st century gonna be android dominates .

Ha ha ha Are you serious?

Yes absolutely IOS (Apple Inc.) got a competitor named Android OS (Google Inc.)
Yeah I-Phone is valuable and royal too but when it comes to usage experience android wins definitely.
I am not here to fight whether IOS or Android. And this isn't a playground lol.

Are you an android user?
Are you an android user?
Android have many features and awesome stuffs in this decades.
The cost of each phone varies with their manufacturer which is running on android os.

Android makes life of every single to learn a new think with its experience and passionate features.

Android makes even you to earn money, chat seamlessly , can make more fun by most of the users as it comes with affordable price by several manufacturing company.

Android being a user friendly OS can feed the users request and sends a good response in a fraction of seconds. Sorry in milliseconds hahaha..

Android can completely change your life smoother and precious .

Android updates its version frequently keeps the OS bug free and bundles with new features absolutely.

Android makes other people to be more jealous because they haven't own it.

Android keeps you stay connected with all social media , but if you have owned a low budget mobile then storage problem arises.
Well it can be easily debugged using ROOTING process and PARTITION your memory in a couple of minutes.

Android is capable to change the current IP address and lead a gateway to access blocked sites definitely.

Android can even used as a source for hacking for many portable hackers on the go.

Android can make your life to be ease by using a automated tasker in a specific condition with your own rules.

Android is just like a own toy to do whatever you say. But probably you need to root your device to make any advanced desired task.

Android is having a strong rules in its piracy of any applications or games.
But the sad thing is , we can easily download any pirated applications through unknown black market in internet.
An application named Lucky patcher is able to patch and crack any android application in a fraction of seconds spontaneously.

Android can be customized by user needs to upgrade or downgrade any android version using Flashing a custom ROM or installing xposed modules.

Android device is most suitable for gaming experience as every game developer points their views to android in this decades mainly because the developer can easily get revenue through showing advertisement in their games and application to their users.

Sharing is caring :)

The site is under development and feel free to ask any doubts or say suggestion to serve you better.

This post will be updated regularly to make this content to live as long as possible so better bookmark this content to ask our opinion regarding android.

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

How to use Facebook AUTOLIKE + Guide.


This guide will show you how to use Auto-liker website to get more free facebook likes!

Update - Facebook Autolikes for Fan Page

The main thing is that you will need to get TOKEN and PASTE it in auto-liker websites!

Here I will show how to get likes through HTC token!


1.Allow facebook subscriber settings to PUBLIC.

2.After getting facebook likes don't forget to REMOVE the token because by using your account they give likes to another people without your permission.)

 That is also explained below with pictures!


1.Go to privacy option.

Go to privacy settings on facebook
Go to privacy settings on facebook

2.In privacy tab
"who can see my stuff" -----> PUBLIC

Change privacy settings to public on facebook
Change privacy settings to public on facebook

3.In follower tab
"who can follow me"------> PUBLIC

Follower settings on facebook
Follower settings on facebook

4.Now visit any Auto-liker websites like , , , , etc. . . . ,

there are so many websites available just google  it!

here I take for example!

go to

Front page of
Front page of

5. Skip the ads

Skip advt. from the autolike website
Skip advt. from the autolike website

6.Now allow permission for HTC app by clicking "OKAY."

HTC token authentication for autolike on facebook
HTC token authentication for autolike on facebook

 7.Now you got success message!

Success message from autolike token
Success message from autolike token

7(a).Now go to

"Now click here and copy the URL."
option you could see.

Finally click that.

8.Now copy the URL as shown below!

Copy URL of facebook for autolike
Copy URL of facebook for autolike

9.Now paste that URL in

(Note: you can use this token in another all websites at same time to get more likes from all other websites )

Login method for facebook autolike from
Login method for facebook autolike from

10.Successfully logged into AUTOLIKER website & now click "Autoliker" tab.

(Note: if error in login then again paste the URL which you copied before.)

Fblikess autolike dashboard
Fblikess autolike dashboard

11.Click on "PHOTO" tab & click "Profile picture." autolike photo tab autolike photo tab

12.Select any photo and wait for 2 minutes.
That's all you have got free facebook likes.

But you must be clever to remove HTC token after getting likes because by using your account they give likes to everybody may be any type of photo will be liked by your name so here I tell you how to remove the token and be safe!

13.Go to Facebook privacy settings and select "APPS" tab you can see HTC SENSE
search HTC click that!

Facebook apps permission page
Facebook apps permission page

14. Finally "Remove" the app that's all! congrats all you gained is facebook likes now rock your life!

HTC autolike token removal page on facebook
HTC autolike token removal page on facebook

The content is copyrighted with screenshots and legal files!
So don't try to republish it without the Author's permission.

Share it care it!


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