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Friday, 6 February 2015

Why Blogging? - A short review.

Why do you need a blog?

Hello, happy to see you all.

Do you know ? Many people use their mobile phone daily checking for twice in 30 minutes for notification check up ,especially the revolution of smartphones have changed the life of any single rapidly.

Major internet user are, from the age of 17-26.
The major browsing site goes to Facebook as they provide best place of entertainment and fun.
But I can say, you can't do anything else to gain more knowledge in Facebook as you will be more enthusiastic to chat with strangers and waste your time of course.
I am not here to review whether Facebook is good or ain't.

The real fact is that the Facebook makes money with these users with their advertising program.
In return we never get a single penny, the real fact is that you will lose money wasting in the data usage bill.

  • I can suggest you to get out of Facebook and any social medias out from the  addictive stage.
  • The internet is like a huge earth and those Facebook, twitter remains like your drawing table.
  • you must come out of these place and make a good sense of sound by gathering knowledge, news, gossips,trending news, world news, etc through your internet.

Yeah, let us come to the point.
The article will make you glow with your own creative blog or site.
To become a good blogger, you must come with these points and go along with these guide to really make your life be a thrilling and genuine one.

Why blogging we need?
Why blogging we need?

What is a blog?

 The Blog has been derived from the word WEB-LOG. Means the log created by web(i.e, the event and log files on any site.)
  • The Blog is a Tool to represent the activities any website.
  • But you really don't need to have a website to create a blog.

    The blog can be created with two types of packages.
        A. A free blog- (have some limitations)
        B. A paid blog- (can come through limitations)

Also check out how to create a blog or website easily.

Why do you need a blog?

  •  Normally people create a blog for making money.
  • creates to show their talent.
  •  Creates to, encourage other newcomers.(Like us)
  •  To have a good name after our death.(Future talk)

How to create a blog?

 The blog can be created on many sites, but I suggest you two leading blogging passionate company. (FREE) (FREE & PAID)

  • Go to any of these top leading blogging website and sign up to create your own identity
  • I mostly recommend every newcomer to sign up for, because it is very simple to create and use.
  • will be always an initial point for any new people those who need a blog.
  • But while comparing, have advanced features and have plugins to make our work easier.
  • Anyway, will suite every normal person who needs a good start to making their own creation.

(Note: You can also migrate your data to WordPress in case you really need to switch to

Tips to make your blog grow.

 Make a good outer appearance

  Usually the template (design) needs to be checked out to make a good start. Design your template here.
  (NOTE: You can also download any third party Template's HTML and paste in your blog)

 Content creation.

  • Many new bloggers fail to run a blog due to lag in their content post.
  • Make a good quality post to cover the audience.
  • Content is the king for every successful blogger.
  • You should not steal others content and paste it in your blog as it would end up in serious crisis in SEO and in some Legal act.
  • But if you need content there are several tricks to make a good content using other sites resources, look at a glance for content creation.

 Track your audience.

  • If you own a blog or a site then you must really know the analytic of your blog.
  • Without tracking your visitors, you won't able to know your current status.
  • You must link your Google analytic or any other analytic tool to your blog for perfect blogging experience.

 Add your site to search engines.

  • If you built a site you are totally responsible to add your site to search engines because nobody will add yours.
  • Google will automatically add your blog to its database by indexing your site.
  • Other search engines like,, will not probably index your blog, so you must add URL to their searching database.
  • There are several free and paid website to add your site/blog to nearly over 100+ search engine and popular site directory as well.

 Promote your blog.

  • If you have done all the above stuffs and here it is recommended to promote your blog.
  • You can add your site to several good quality blogging directory(Both paid and free)
  • Indiblogger is the one of the high-quality blog directory to gain more visitors to your site and it's absolutely free.
  • It can send traffic of nearly 100's page-views a day.

   When should I apply for

To gain visitors  from Asia-Pacific, you will need this surely.
  1. Apply only if your site/blog has a 20+ quality post.
  2. Apply only if your content is genuine and not a plagiarism content.
  3. Apply only if you have ability to post content for twice a week.

  Earn money.

  • You can even get the reward for your content and value it for the times spend on your website/blog development.
  • There are so many websites available to earn money with the various method.
  • But I can strongly recommend Google Ad-sense for every new blogger.
  • There are several alternatives for Ad-sense like,, etc..,
  • Here I am guaranteed about Ad-sense for you as it will convert your work into cash genuinely for every newbie.
  • But make sure you do not violate its terms and service. (POLICY)
  • While earning money in $ (dollars) you must Provide PAN card details for transacting money to your local Bank account.
  • It is strongly recommended to Create Paypal or Payoneer account for Worldwide online transaction.
As I have my semester examination I have only short time to provide tips and techniques involved in blogging career here right now.

So I promise you about my assurance of variety of interesting updates will be showcased for you ASAP.


   The article may vary with the statement due to content date created.
   If you found any statement has updated or not working. Simply comment below or contact us.
   If any suggestion or false statement here feel free to inform us.
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Spread love and love others. :)

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