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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

"Asus ZenFone 2" The Fast & Furious Smartphone camera - ZF2 with PixelMaster technology and 4GB RAM

"ZenFone 2" The Fast & Furious Smartphone camera - ZF2 with PixelMaster technology.

Hello, my dear blog readers.
This post is to inform you regarding my great suggestion to buy a low-budget powerful smartphone.
As we tend to blog every incident and capture the moments. We really need a good companion (A smartphone) with us.
Life would be faster and happier if we achieve our dreams.
Likewise taking a photo or blogging an event or any else, we need a source to express those loving moments.
That's why people likely to prefer a smart device on their hands.
Everywhere we go we attach our mobile device into our pockets.

Well, let me come to the point.
I am very much impressed with a phone's specification the last day.
It is absolutely a miracle specification that I haven't seen it before.
Yeah, I am speaking regarding the great phone called "Asus Zenfone 2".
Asus after their successful history in producing the best mobiles have decided to offer a full featured phone at a low cost.
The specification makes a great desire for everyone, as it is packed with extreme features.

#AsusZenfone2 firstlook via-asus website
#AsusZenfone2 firstlook via-asus website

By this post, you will find the reviews on the following.
 Performance, Gaming capability, PixelMaster technology on camera and stunning more extra  features.
As per Indian policy, ASUS have agreed with FLIPKART for a flash sale from 23rd May (2015) onwards.

Check the product page here (must see).

Ineedblog proudly asks the readers to buy this Superuser Phone for excellent productivity on blogging, photography, creativity and gaming.

Camera- Like a fully defined eye (High definition)

The camera is the powerful feature with this phone.
It is constructed with 13 MP main camera and 5 MP rear camera features.
It has "Dual LED flash" and a "Toshiba sensor" to activate awesomeness with photographs.
It is featured by a greatest technology, "PixelMaster" which has a capability to capture any photos during a dark night. (400% brighter & smarter)
It is also packed with smarter features like 3x optical HD zoom and "Panaromic Selfie mode" for good productivity.

#Zenfone2 camera lens via-asus website
#Zenfone2 camera lens via-asus website

4GB RAM- Like a superuser

"Asus Zenfone 2" has 4GB RAM feature, which is a good deal for gamers and multi-taskers.
This phone is very much unique with 4GB RAM as it is offered for a Low price(High performance)
It has 64 bit, 2.3 GHz combined with Super Quad Core "Intel Atom processor".
As we know about INTEL, the most trusted processor. This is a good news for every customer.
The new LTE-cat technology can generate download speed from 250 Mbit/sec and to higher.
There is no delay or lag in the performance as the powerful features make a good sense.
Games such as GTA, FIFA 15, Real racing, etc., can be played without any lag or hang.
"Zen UI" is most beautifully spread on the 5.5 inches screen. It also provides an up-to-date premium updates for free.

Extras- Like a mixed companion

The stunning look of "Asus Zenfone 2" is due to Ergonomic Arc Design.
It has 5-mode Positioning navigation feature to fire up tracking location.
It has 6430 PowerVR that will make your battery consumption in an optimized manner.
It has fast charging kernel that can charge your Zenfone to 60% within 39 minutes.
It is preloaded with Android 5.0 version (Lollipop).

"low" is not a "least". "Least" is replaced with "Best".
As per ASUS "Zenfone 2" product is a milestone in its history.


Share your love with your friends "ASUS Zenfone 2" using the below hashtags.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Low on memory and slow process in android? - Solution

Low on memory and slow process in android? - Solution

If you are very much tolerated by Android's "Low on memory" and Slower process , then check out this article for sure.

Hello folks its android era and we make some good sense with it.

There are several problems though arise in android device.

Mainly the low end device gets memory storage issue and slower process crisis.

Pic A- "low on memory" crisis.
Pic A- "low on memory" crisis.

Always when you try to do some thing awesome you get irritated with "low on memory" warning on notification bar.

This could make you loose hope on your own device. 

There exists several methods including simple and advanced method to overcome this memory problem.

Many people say you to move your application to SDcard using "move to sd" but actually the data is moved . Still your apk bundled within your internal storage.

The simple way to keep your memory free are stated below.

1.Remove unused applications and games.

  •    Remove unwanted application and games which you never use it frequently.

  •    You can install any light weight applications 

   eg. "Facebook app", "Twitter app", etc., (normally high than 40mb each) can be replaced with lightweight apps like "Friendcaster","Tweet lane"(normally under 5mb)

Pic 1- Uninstall unwanted applications in android
Pic 1- Uninstall unwanted applications in android


2.Clear cache.

  •    Clearing cache is the instant simple way to make your device run faster. Removing or swiping the recent apps from multi tasking menu doesnt make your device any magic.

  •   There are several Third party application available to clear cache with your rules.

   eg.Link2sd,android assistant,etc.,

Pic 2- Clear cache in android device
Pic 2- Clear cache in android device


NOTE: Avoid downloading any cache clearing app exceeding 5mb. Because the app with high memory cause your device to run slower.


3.Disable unwanted system application and games (freeze) .

  •    System application or games cannot be uninstalled without ROOTING process. So it is suggested to disable unwanted Pre-installed application to avoid unexpected RAM usage by those apps.

Pic 3- Disable unwanted system applications
Pic 3- Disable unwanted system applications

   NOTE:Disabling Google service framework application can cause malfunctioning of the device.Suggestion is made only with third party applications that are pre-installed.

4.Disable auto-update apps in Play Store.

  •    Play store can even cause your device fails to work steadily. This is happened due to Hidden auto update of any application in background without our sense.

  • so to prevent over data usage and hidden RAM usage do as follows.

   Go to Play Store-->option-->Auto-update apps-->Do not auto-update apps.

Pic 4- Disable auto update apps in play store
Pic 4- Disable auto update apps in play store


   NOTE:For up-to-date version on Play store it is also suggested to keep the settings as "Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only"


5.Update your mobile.

  •    Android is updating its version frequently to make users to enjoy seamless features and bug free activities.

  •   So updating your Version can have a fast access over the preceding version.

   To Update your phone do as follows.
   Go to System settings-->About phone-->Software updates-->Update.

   Hint:You can pause or install updates later.Use Wi-Fi to update if possible because data usage may be greater as above 300mb.


 NOTE:Some device doesn't have this above option due to manufacturer limit. But even you can Update via ROOTING process.



  •    Widgets normally have good looking over home screen but the bad part is that it can drain your battery and use heavy RAM.

  •  Remove all widgets from the home screen and live wallpaper from home screen.

  • Keep simple cache clearing widget, close app widget and Fast reboot widget in home screen. Tap the three widget simultaneously to make your phone faster.
Pic 4- Disable auto update apps in play store
Pic 5- Remove widgets and add cache clearing widget.

   Hint:Fast Reboot is an lightweight app that has ability to reboot the system tweaks and keeps fresh data alone. It was developed by "Great Bytes Softwares"

7.Tune Developer Option.

  •  Developer option has much more facility to tune the system as your way easily.

  •  To make good fast running device "Yurn off Force GPU rendering"

  • Limit Windows animation scale and transition animation scale to "1x"  

Pic 6- Tune android developer option for faster access
Pic 6- Tune android developer option for faster access

8.Turn your Data connection off .

  • Turning "Data on" can lead way to slow down your device dramatically when not in use.

  • Turning "Data on" may result in displaying ADS in your device makes mobile to crawl your RAM and Data rapidly

  • The signal transmitted over 3G network drains your Battery faster than used by 2G network.
Pic 7- Turn your mobile data off to enhance performance
Pic 7- Turn your mobile data off to enhance performance

Advanced method of speeding up and extend memory of Android via ROOTING process will be updated soon.  


   The article may vary with the statement due to content date created.
   If you found any statement has updated or not working. Simply comment below or contact us.
   This could make other users to smile and thank you by saying your name.
   If any suggestion or false statement here feel free to inform us.
Sharing is caring.
Spread love and love others. :)

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