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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Call recording software with best features

Explained: Call recording software with best features 

When a tragedy befalls, it looms out of darkness, and out of nowhere sometimes. Whether you have a business, a failing relationship, or a kid—who don’t listen to your instructions, you need a call recording software with best features. Because it’s an ingenious and cheap way to know what’s going wrong in the lives of the people around you, and how can you take steps to make things better.
But what do we mean by “best” features? Isn’t a call recording app suppose to just record calls and send it to you? Well, it’s a lot more than that. Recording calls mostly comes in as a package—with a cell phone monitoring software that can do various other things.

So, what exactly should you be looking for? These are a few things that you need to look out if you want to successful spy on someone’s calls:

First, your app needs to be online all the time so that you never miss any important calls. There should be an automatic call recording feature that takes the responsibility of recording every call. Then, you need an app that can record both incoming and outgoing calls.  And lastly, it needs to be fast, accurate and timely i.e. with zero lags of any kind. If you have these features in your call recording app, you are good to go and spy on anyone’s calls.

Call recording snap
Call recording snap

However, there are some other features that we consider must-haves for any good mobile tracking software, as call recording wouldn’t tell you the complete picture. Check these out.

  • Social media tracking

If you are spying on someone and want to know what’s wrong, social media tracking will reveal a lot. For example, you can know of the friends that your monitored user have, or the kind of chats they have with their friends, and even the calls they make. You should get an app that can track on at least all big social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, kik, iMessage, Viber and Skype. If your mobile monitoring software can track these apps, you are not using a bad app at all.

  • Location-based tracking

Sometimes, you may have to track people outside their digital space. If you have got some vital leads on your target, monitoring them in real-time will take you to the problem in real life, and much closer to solving the issue. But tracking your kids, employees or anyone else’s location should have 3 features:

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Visited-place history

So it’s not just about determining where your target maybe at a certain point in time, it’s also about keeping them confined with your defined boundaries with geofencing. This feature is particularly useful for parents who want their kids to stay away from discos, pubs, bars and all dangerous neighbourhoods.

Handy call location based snap
Handy call location based snap

  • Multimedia tracking

Want some more intel on your target? Get access to their stored multimedia, like photos, videos and audio. It really can help you get answers to your riddle. Try to get an app that can track multimedia, not just from the gallery, but also from other social media networks. Also, you should get an app that can provide you even access to any deleted data.

  • Remote Control tracking

Sometimes, just remotely accessing data isn’t enough, you need a way to barrage over the target user’s access to their smartphone. This way, you can easily protect your employees or kids from cell phone abuse in many different ways. So there are two things that you need to look for:

  • Remote data wipe.
  • Remote phone lock.

The first feature will allow you to remotely wipe data off a monitored device without even touching it. With the remote phone locking feature, you can stop a person’s access to their phone. This feature is available with many good spying apps, so make sure you get this on your checklist.
So, next time you go for a call recording software with best features, try one with all the aforementioned ones.
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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Create an own website without any hosting charge-Basic

Create an own website easily @low cost.

As the earth is moving so fast @ a rate of 60 km/sec, the people in the world are too moving fastly as they pretend to be a racer.

The world  is full of so many amazing and awesome stuffs bundled in several forms.
These bundled stuffs are mainly processed and founded by a single or a group of human beings.

You have to run fast as the life is a race the follower would make you degrade and win the race easily.

Every single person must have a unique identity in the society but when we come to internet world we don't have any sort of identity.
To show your effort and passion, you can create a website and make sure you have reached a milestone in your life history.

On those days getting(creating) a website is bit tough and most people doesn't use internet the way which we use recently.
You can just make a website for 1$ or even cheaper in this decades.
The above-mentioned value is respected to buy a domain name, but the hosting package is different.

But if you are a fresher and need to create your first website I could suggest you, which is a blogging community owned by Google Inc.
The signing up process is too simple and  is  free of cost, but it have some limit on usage, but I promise you the bandwidth is enough for newbies.

WordPress is another famous blogging community which have advanced features than But I strongly recommend it will help you to start simply and effectively.
WordPress even makes your blog easier with their plugins but also could satisfy every need you wish with their widgets.

For creating a website without hosting process, you need to create a Blog first and you must point(park, transfer or name) it to your domain.

(Explanation for is shown below if you need WordPress then it's your  choice you can make your blog with WordPress)

Create website at low cost without hosting.
Create website at low cost without hosting.

To create a website

  • First you need to buy a domain name (i.e,
  • Simply Google search for "Buy a domain" you will get many top domain registering site.
  • I personally suggest you to buy domain from or because they offer domain @cheaper rate and they are most trusted site.
  • Normally you can buy any domain for 1.5$/year for every new registration.

(Note: Godaddy sometimes could not accept your debit card in your locality based on their policy.)

  • If you have successfully got your domain name then cheer up.

(You can also comment your website below if you bought from this tutorial)

  • Now to design and create a good looking website you have to buy hosting packages, it would cost more than 3$/month.
  • But don't worry we can also run a site without any hosting process ie: Blog can satisfy your need (It is explained below)
  • Simply point your blog to your new Domain that's all simple.

(Eg: You can Google for "How to point my blog to Bigrock" or "How to point my blog to Godaddy" )

  • Now you have made your own website easily and in cheaper cost without any web hosting package.

To create a blog.(from

  • You first need to have a google account for creating a blog in
  • Register your blog address, if it is successful you can get your blog with the sub-domain as


  • You can post any content or niche for your blog in which can be then easily displayed on your website (say

NOTE: You can even post any content via smartphones using blogger application. Download it from your app market.

  • Now you can connect your blog to your domain as I mentioned earlier by heading to your -->settings-->others--> create custom domain-->enter your domain name.

If you have created a domain with Bigrock then click here to see the tutorial to connect your blog to your domain.
If you have created a domain with Godaddy then click here to see the tutorial to connect your blog to your domain.


   The article may vary with the statement due to content date created.
   If you found any statement has updated or not working. Simply comment below or contact us.
   If any suggestion or false statement here feel free to inform us.

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