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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Call recording software with best features

Explained: Call recording software with best features 

When a tragedy befalls, it looms out of darkness, and out of nowhere sometimes. Whether you have a business, a failing relationship, or a kid—who don’t listen to your instructions, you need a call recording software with best features. Because it’s an ingenious and cheap way to know what’s going wrong in the lives of the people around you, and how can you take steps to make things better.
But what do we mean by “best” features? Isn’t a call recording app suppose to just record calls and send it to you? Well, it’s a lot more than that. Recording calls mostly comes in as a package—with a cell phone monitoring software that can do various other things.

So, what exactly should you be looking for? These are a few things that you need to look out if you want to successful spy on someone’s calls:

First, your app needs to be online all the time so that you never miss any important calls. There should be an automatic call recording feature that takes the responsibility of recording every call. Then, you need an app that can record both incoming and outgoing calls.  And lastly, it needs to be fast, accurate and timely i.e. with zero lags of any kind. If you have these features in your call recording app, you are good to go and spy on anyone’s calls.

Call recording snap
Call recording snap

However, there are some other features that we consider must-haves for any good mobile tracking software, as call recording wouldn’t tell you the complete picture. Check these out.

  • Social media tracking

If you are spying on someone and want to know what’s wrong, social media tracking will reveal a lot. For example, you can know of the friends that your monitored user have, or the kind of chats they have with their friends, and even the calls they make. You should get an app that can track on at least all big social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, kik, iMessage, Viber and Skype. If your mobile monitoring software can track these apps, you are not using a bad app at all.

  • Location-based tracking

Sometimes, you may have to track people outside their digital space. If you have got some vital leads on your target, monitoring them in real-time will take you to the problem in real life, and much closer to solving the issue. But tracking your kids, employees or anyone else’s location should have 3 features:

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Visited-place history

So it’s not just about determining where your target maybe at a certain point in time, it’s also about keeping them confined with your defined boundaries with geofencing. This feature is particularly useful for parents who want their kids to stay away from discos, pubs, bars and all dangerous neighbourhoods.

Handy call location based snap
Handy call location based snap

  • Multimedia tracking

Want some more intel on your target? Get access to their stored multimedia, like photos, videos and audio. It really can help you get answers to your riddle. Try to get an app that can track multimedia, not just from the gallery, but also from other social media networks. Also, you should get an app that can provide you even access to any deleted data.

  • Remote Control tracking

Sometimes, just remotely accessing data isn’t enough, you need a way to barrage over the target user’s access to their smartphone. This way, you can easily protect your employees or kids from cell phone abuse in many different ways. So there are two things that you need to look for:

  • Remote data wipe.
  • Remote phone lock.

The first feature will allow you to remotely wipe data off a monitored device without even touching it. With the remote phone locking feature, you can stop a person’s access to their phone. This feature is available with many good spying apps, so make sure you get this on your checklist.
So, next time you go for a call recording software with best features, try one with all the aforementioned ones.
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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Did you updated your Apple Product to iOS9?

Mind-blowing iOS 9 updates for Apple lovers

On those days (I mean past decades) the stage is seen as a place to showcase the talents. But the latest scenario enumerates that the people with handy smartphones are being able to showcase their talents in a better-optimized way. The latest iOS 9 updates specially released in this time have a great exposure to the crowd.
The major reason is that ios updates 9 brings a major improvement and bug fix eventually making the people's wish i.e., iPhone 9 update to be live in this generation.

The iPhone users are able to stand unique in this society due to their habitual actions with their iPhone and iOS gadgets. The revolutionary applications and featured services in this world brought up a great source of guides resulting to a developing human culture as well.
Thus, the iOS 9 updates bring a dramatic change in the existing users. Apple's 9th update have several useful and essentially desired features to satisfies the needs of iOS loyal customers.

There is a controversial debate is still exist in this funny yet busy world and it is nothing but the "Apple vs Android". This debate had made a competitive level in the gadget's industry and that leads to a positive development as well. Irrespective of OS development, these companies are making a better world.
The iPhone is a luxury come convenient device and the Android smart devices are the one which is meant for simply productivity. Both of the OS have their own functions and qualities.

iPhone 6s is confirmed to be the fasted Apple device that can do performance greater than the Mac Air book effectively. This is made due to the A8 special processor that is injected into the latest iPhone 6S gadgets. The conference that was held on 9th September 2015 tells the diverse iOS 9 updates improvement and special features.

iOS 9 updates blog post.
iOS 9 updates blog post.

The compilation of iOS 9 updates is listed briefly below.

  1. Improved Siri Updated with iOS 9
  2. Optimized search result with relevancy
  3. News Events buzz with Apple News
  4. Gallery organized with Folders
  5. Battery saving mission
  6. iOS 9 updates minimalistic size
  7. Play and Drive (use with cautions)
  8. Genuine Data transfer and sync
  9. Back button virtual option at the top left screen
  10. Strengthened Security updated.

The iOS 9 features, iOS 9 latest improvement, the list of iOS 9 improvements are showcased below.

1. Improved Siri Updated with iOS 9

The Siri functions as a Virtual Assistant for the iOS platform. It is widely used application based virtual assistant as well. It is attained due to the responsive quality voice deducting functions built-in with the iOS system.

The iOS 9 updates come up with the great improvement as expected by the Siri lovers. This could perform well with the user engagement algorithm as well. The more enhancement is made with this iOS 9 featured update. It can directly compete with the Google Now and Cortana in order to bring the best results out with the users' engagement (experience).

2. Optimized search result with relevancy

The searching function is a major thing to be seen with this latest updates brought up by iOS developers. The quality of the search result is further improved with a perfect relevancy as it is always liked by the user who is using the iOS gadgets. It includes Swipe Home option for fast action.

The tailored results are accurately shown and guided with this apple 9 updates. The search results are optimized to the core as it looks to feel like Apple is spying on us.

3. News Events buzz with Apple News

Like Buzzfeed and Flipboard the iOS 9 comes up with the greater improvement to display the tailored news content based on the location and usage to the screen with the application called Apple News. The application is made specially to provide the curated news collections in a meaningful way as they can enrich once locality awareness as well.

4. Gallery organized with Folders

The iPhone and other iOS users have a request for a long duration to change the look of photos and other media files in an organized way. This desired request has been integrated with the apple 9 updates after a long expectation. The gallery is now fully organized and easily navigated to the destination. Thus, the larger scrolling time is killed with this folder based collection of images and all the snaps taken via the iOS gadgets indeed.

The photo gallery is grouped based on the folders and even the users have the ability to create a new folder. The photos can be movable and the selfie folder is also generated. Thus, the Selfie folder keeps tracking all the selfie photos in a single place. This is found to be a major improvement in the ios updates at this time.

5. Battery saving mission

However the great iPhone may be, but the battery discharge is found to be a miserable thing while comparing with the smartphones that run on the Android platform. The iOS 9 updates have brought up significance development with the battery discharge level and battery optimization to match the processor. The battery life (battery backup) is increased with this new ios updates 9 as the automation is completely restricted while the user activates his/her "Low Power Mode".

The low power mode can automatically restrict the battery draining "Background app refresh" in time that can free up some usage time.

6. iOS 9 updates minimalistic size

The apple 9 updates can be easily updated by all the people without any flaws. The iOS 9 updates bundled with approximately just 1.35 GB or lesser. This is accepted data size and it can be stayed up without any memory issue which is seen in the last update. The smaller minimalistic size favors every iPhone, iPad mini and other iOS gadgets owners update their device without any hassle.

7. Play and Drive (use with cautions)

To relax while driving the iOS 9 "Car Play" will satisfy the magical desire in exact location and time without any deterioration.
The iOS 9 latest improvement with the Car Play has a major sync function to play the songs/tracks via the Wi-Fi connection perfectly. Thus, the AUX cable tradition has come to an end.

The proper precaution measures and reasonable volume should be considered while hearing the music on driving the car. Because a life is valuable than the piece of music entertainment.

8. Genuine Data transfer and sync

The heck in the iOS part is due to its restriction in sharing the datas to any other OS platform based device. It is now taken as a major concern and the issue is fixed by the new application called "Move to iOS". This small handy application acts as a cross sharing module for Android and iOS platform. The iOS 9 updates enhanced the sharing functionality to the core.
Thus, the people who are migrating their Android device to the new iOS platform can make use of this great small application. The contacts, bookmarks, photos and even the wallpapers are able to sync between any of the devices without any efforts.

There is an optional third-party sharing application called "Share it" available in the Apple store for fast data sharing and sync between cross platforms.

9. Back button virtual option at the top left screen

The iPhone and other iOS gadgets usually come with a single navigation button. It is seen as the back button and used for a variety of purposes. But it looks annoying for many iOS users as they need to hard hit their center button for any previous tasks or to reach the back state as well.
So, Apple 9 update made a massive improvement with this update by placing the virtual soft key at the top most left side on the screen. The back to previous application is made simple and fast with this new soft key in the Apple 9 update features. Finally, it could save a few seconds of work with an effortless action.

10. Keyboard improvement - arising of shift key

The keyboard in iOS got a dramatic change over with this latest iOS 9 updates. This is an awaited request by the major iOS users worldwide. The major issue is that the keyboard is capable of showing the CAPS letter in its keyboard strategy and this may be sometimes annoying to the users which could lead to a confused state of mind. Thus improving the users engagement and quality of iOS platform the company have made changes in its keyboard area by providing the letters in the small case and adopted a shift key. This shift key can wisely change the letter cases istantly.

Adding to the list of iOS 9 improvements, the keyboard is tailored with the users' country scene by placing the symbols that are usually used by the specific countries such as their currency.

Anyway, the iOS 9 updates made the world upgrade to the best with these sort of iOS improvements.

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