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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Benefits of Living in a housing society

Benefits of Living in a housing society

Housing societies have a sense of community spirit which most of the independent residents don’t get to experience. All the problems with regard to maintenance are cushioned in synergy when you live in a housing society. As a single person or living with family, co-ops or the housing societies provide necessary support and camaraderie. Living alone is no fun. If you are a people person, these kinds of communities make for an ideal dwelling. Introverts, extroverts, fun singles, kids, teens; all find a safe haven living in a housing society.

Maintenance benefits

Together, all the residents of the housing societies pay the maintenance charges which are utilized to pay for common amenities and facilities utilized by the society members. Any modifications or improvement in the services is also used from these charges. It is one of the most organized urban living facilities made available to people who come from various economic backgrounds. A society President is elected through the vote and they are responsible for making all the decisions with regard to the rule and maintenance of the society.
Better standard of living
A housing society also provides additional facilities, such as parks, elevators, separate parking space, swimming pools, housekeeping facilities, security, etc. Residents of independent homes have to pay for them separately. There are cost benefits of living in a co-op society. A sense of community and assistance as and when needed is one of the greater advantages of living in such societies. All the personnel recruited in a housing society are trained professionals. There is always a risk of security in an independent home. With the best facilities made available, it creates a sustainable model of living. Any issues with regard to basic necessities, such as electricity, water, etc. can be easily addressed to the authorities of the society.
Stable investment
Investing in a housing society is the safest real estate investment. Whether you reside in this home or not, you can generate stable, regular, passive income by leasing or rent your residential flat. You also the option of receiving all of your correspondence at a single address. If you are always on the go, this can be a suitable option.
Benefits of social lifestyle - Credits:Note 4 Samsung
Benefits of social lifestyle - Credits:Note 4 Samsung

Ethnicity and wellness

Living in independent homes gives you no room to socialize within your neighborhood unless and until you take a conscious initiative. With people of different backgrounds and ethnicities living in the same community, you have a chance to meet people from different walks of life and enhance your perception. Socializing can be more interesting in such a society that is filled with diverse ethnicities and families.

Single point access

For entertainment, celebrations, repair and maintenance, a single point access to the community suffices all of your needs. You don’t have to go looking into directory pages to find a handyman or any of the things that you need. You can contact one of the personnel in the community and they will do the needful for you.

Prevent social menace

Housing societies are the safest places to stay. Vandalism or any kind of hooliganism is prevented when living in a housing society. They come with a strict code of conduct. With the higher degree of security made available to one and all, break-ins or any kind of inconvenience is deterred. Kids and teens are safe to live in such a society.  

Enhance your skills

Since most of the societies provide many facilities; they give residents an opportunity to enhance their skills. For instance, if you have played ping pong decades ago, you can renew this interest if your housing societies provide these sports as one of the activities. You can also start learning swimming, participate in cultural festivals the community hosts; etc and showcase your talents here too!

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My Start-up after break - #lookup story


Inspired by
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Here is my one of the #lookup stories (real) which inspired me to start-up the career .
Hello, a warm welcome to every INB( readers.
This is Sathish Satz an Indian Blogger and a Tech Geek (Junior lol. :D).
I am Glad to have you all in this occasion, I hope I have been serving your better with my Blog post.
I am a Civil Engineering student, my passion is behind Technology, Computers, Blogging, IT.
I am forced to join the Civil course by my parent, But I have started my career along with my Blogging.


I am always a caretaker and a naughty guy.
I love to spend my times with my dear friends in humour way.
This leads me to build a good relationship with my neighbours and friends.
I love my job and my deep way to express my thoughts have been fulfilled by Blogging career.

#lookup via
#lookup via 

I have my a Life-dropping moment once I was 16 age.
I had completed my high school and scored 447/500 and the happiness is that I got 94/100 in my Tamil language.
This made me to get a full enthusiastic life and proud.
I have an idea of moving my school career from Adwaith G.N.S matric. School to ABC Matric school.
I was overjoyed to see all my new friends in my age of 16.
I am pleasured to have such a wonderful life in those new campus, every naughty thing, funny scenarios and much more surrounds my life.
I am expressing to the core of my life in my higher studies, this over enjoyment made me to have many backlog in my higher secondary career.

By seeing this my mum warned me to study well, I don't bother about that and thought this was just a simple matter.
But the impact of these backlogs made me to destroy my life.
The saddest part in my life is that my mum forced me to discontinue my ABC matric. school career and made me to rejoin Adwaith G.N.S.
I just hate my life and made me think why we have to live more?
Just the days have past away, one year got destroyed with inactive mind.

I just avoided my mum for being so cruel to me during the academic career.
So many sorrows surround me .

I then kept my mind free and destroyed my old memories. That was a tough task to do so.
I made this actually to enhance my future life.
I have strong feelings to accept my mum and felt very sorry for being speechless with her for over 1 year.
Now I have my own passionate life. Blogging has changed me a lot, this gives me a perfect life.
Being a blogger, I have a habit of discovering new things and life turning magical article fits my own life.
Now I have a lovely companion with me (Blog)
Blogging made me to have enough self-confidence in me and now everything seems to be peaceful.

Finally, I have started my life career to be fit and meaningful.

#lookup story.

I blog on Technology, Blogging tutorials, Android, Money making, SEO, Freebies, etc...,
Thank You for being a part in my life career.

Will meet you soon....!
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