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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Benefits of Living in a housing society

Benefits of Living in a housing society

Housing societies have a sense of community spirit which most of the independent residents don’t get to experience. All the problems with regard to maintenance are cushioned in synergy when you live in a housing society. As a single person or living with family, co-ops or the housing societies provide necessary support and camaraderie. Living alone is no fun. If you are a people person, these kinds of communities make for an ideal dwelling. Introverts, extroverts, fun singles, kids, teens; all find a safe haven living in a housing society.

Maintenance benefits

Together, all the residents of the housing societies pay the maintenance charges which are utilized to pay for common amenities and facilities utilized by the society members. Any modifications or improvement in the services is also used from these charges. It is one of the most organized urban living facilities made available to people who come from various economic backgrounds. A society President is elected through the vote and they are responsible for making all the decisions with regard to the rule and maintenance of the society.
Better standard of living
A housing society also provides additional facilities, such as parks, elevators, separate parking space, swimming pools, housekeeping facilities, security, etc. Residents of independent homes have to pay for them separately. There are cost benefits of living in a co-op society. A sense of community and assistance as and when needed is one of the greater advantages of living in such societies. All the personnel recruited in a housing society are trained professionals. There is always a risk of security in an independent home. With the best facilities made available, it creates a sustainable model of living. Any issues with regard to basic necessities, such as electricity, water, etc. can be easily addressed to the authorities of the society.
Stable investment
Investing in a housing society is the safest real estate investment. Whether you reside in this home or not, you can generate stable, regular, passive income by leasing or rent your residential flat. You also the option of receiving all of your correspondence at a single address. If you are always on the go, this can be a suitable option.
Benefits of social lifestyle - Credits:Note 4 Samsung
Benefits of social lifestyle - Credits:Note 4 Samsung

Ethnicity and wellness

Living in independent homes gives you no room to socialize within your neighborhood unless and until you take a conscious initiative. With people of different backgrounds and ethnicities living in the same community, you have a chance to meet people from different walks of life and enhance your perception. Socializing can be more interesting in such a society that is filled with diverse ethnicities and families.

Single point access

For entertainment, celebrations, repair and maintenance, a single point access to the community suffices all of your needs. You don’t have to go looking into directory pages to find a handyman or any of the things that you need. You can contact one of the personnel in the community and they will do the needful for you.

Prevent social menace

Housing societies are the safest places to stay. Vandalism or any kind of hooliganism is prevented when living in a housing society. They come with a strict code of conduct. With the higher degree of security made available to one and all, break-ins or any kind of inconvenience is deterred. Kids and teens are safe to live in such a society.  

Enhance your skills

Since most of the societies provide many facilities; they give residents an opportunity to enhance their skills. For instance, if you have played ping pong decades ago, you can renew this interest if your housing societies provide these sports as one of the activities. You can also start learning swimming, participate in cultural festivals the community hosts; etc and showcase your talents here too!

This post is contributed by 360 Realtors LLP. 360 Realtors is real estate Company with a rich experience in property management, valuation, development, and consultancy services for both commercial and residential property in India. It is a trusted brand name that helps your dreams turn into reality.
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Sunday, 17 May 2015

#ItsPersonal - ItsMyntra

#ItsPersonal - Its Myntra Application.

Sudden thoughts on MYNTRA mobile application by Sathish Satz.

1. Introduction.

Hello, readers am happy to share my views regarding a best shopping application which made me shop creatively.
The ideas and magical thoughts behind my awesome experience will sure attract your mind and soul.

The application that I have installed and viewed is one of the major shopping company-made application.
Hey don't get angry, let me reveal the name of the organization.
Its none other than "MYNTRA".
Myntra is one of the oldest and trusted shopping site in India.
It had served people better in the past decades and brought a revolution in shopping history as well.
I am impressed by their application which I have installed in my smartphone due to my friends suggestion.

My friends have that gossip time in our college regarding the fun news around the world.
I heard that once a man received a "marble slab" instead of receiving his "I-phone" product (online) made me laugh to the core.
(I can't specify the name of that shopping site right now)
Though this incident seems to be funny, we have to note this incident, as we also may buy products online in future.
Then my friends suggested me to have "MYNTRA" shopping application in my smartphone to have good shopping experience.
They also added that Myntra can be trusted as it is topmost and one of the oldest shopping website ever.

Screenshots by Sathish Satz from +Myntra  mobile app.
Screenshots by Sathish Satz from +Myntra  mobile app.

Myntra mantra(slogan) - Quality speaks, where quantity doesn't.

I had experience shopping via my personal computer, but when my friends made me to have MYNTRA application on my mobile phone makes my life so easier.

I can even surf for the products during my travel.
This also made my journey to be a perfect one.
Mobile phone is considered to be personal (#ItsPersonal) in these days because the impact of smartphone revolution made every youth to be so.

Ok, By this post you can gain the knowledge of using an application via smartphone and you can also view our suggestion towards Myntra.
Meanwhile don't forget to share your thoughts via comments and do share this article for expert sake.

2.Why MYNTRA application?

There are sevral mobile application available for onlinne shopping, but I promise you that Myntra can make your life even smoother.
This application is Rated with more than 4 stars **** in application markets by expert customers.
It is a trending topic with every citizen of India, whether to use an application or a web access.
But the real scenario dominates that only an application can fulfill every need in a faster way.
Don't you use genuine shopping application in your mobile device?
Well, you can now fill those place with this Myntra application.

This application has some extra features and remains unique in shopping industry where other competitors stand one step behind Myntra.
Myntra has an amazing feature, named "Talk to stylist" which can make you have free consultant regarding your fashion needs.
This amazing conversation was carried out by the leading fashion experts over the nation.
It is absolutely free of cost, where only Myntra can serve you with a red carpet.
Myntra has attractive UI appearance and minimal, sleek application design that makes your eyes wide-open.
The fast access and security are other great features available in this handy mobile application.
The "Loyal Points" is a remarkable feature that Myntra application provides the user to get some extra penny for better service.
This will sure make a smile on your face and bring your shopping experience mode into an auto-pilot function.
Finally, (Note: This is not the last feature. This app is bundled with lots of features as this single article can't fill the features right now.)
Premium shop option can offer you some premium products at low price for the members who are considered premium user by the application.
Unbelievable offers can only be seen through this Myntra application and so people prefer mobile application effectively. (#ItsPersonal)

3.Some suggestion and marketing tips for Myntra.

As we are not an expert to order this big firm, we have some marketing tips for improvements(meanwhile already improved).
#1. Design mobile application under small MegaBits (<6 MB), this can resist personal mobile device from "Out of memory" problem.
#2. A referral program can make every single user share Myntra application, where they are rewarded easily. (Viral marketing)
#3. Affiliate program can be established, where our Myntra user gets rewarded for any purchase made by other Myntra user. (Loyal marketing)
#4. Easy sharing option on every product displayed in Myntra app can bring some social views with confidence. (Socail marketing)
#5. Indians are more crazy about IPL(Indian Premier league), why not make your unique logo marketing on both sides of players' head cap?
#6. Blogging campaign can generate more leads, meanwhile have a look at the top keyword niche website owners and place your advt. on their site. This can bring more targeted visitors(customers).
#7. Offer free Myntra T-shirts and offer it to a group of customers.
#8. Own a bus with Myntra advt. over the whole surface of the Bus, it can make people have a look.
#9. Make a partnership with Fashion Television (FTV), where experts can suggest via Tele-source.
#10. Create "Myntra chat option with different categories", where users can interact socially. Any how strict moderation over chat is recommended.

Download Myntra smart app from Apple App Store here.
Download Myntra smart app from Google PlayStore here.
Download Myntra smart app APK file directly here.
Download Myntra smart app from Windows Phone Store here.

This article is specially made by INB to showcase the love towards MYNTRA.
I have written this article as per my thoughts that appeared during my usage of MYNTRA application.

"Instead of having bloat-ware, have MYNTRA soft-ware" 

This article is subjected to copyright action.
The author Sathish and Myntra shopping company have the rights to republish, edit or modify this content.
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