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My journey to Tenkasi - A happy day

My journey to Tenkasi - A happy day

The best place to visit for an entertaining scene contains a huge list of tourist place in India. Even though there exists several hot and cool place in the country I would always prefer to enjoy in a simple way and also the budget-efficient way. So, I have the habit of visiting my friend's house with our group members during the holidays. I have searched many websites for choosing the best vacation package during my college hours.
Finally, I wish to visit my dearest people's house for a change. This made me visit my friend's house that is located at Tenkasi in the southmost part of Tamil Nadu. I am studying in a different department and I love to be friendly with every department people with care. I have a team with my neighboring Department.

I was invited to my friend's house by the team members to spend the semester study holiday. I agreed to visit Hussain's house but later I neglected due to a serious work. The serious work is to be done for my Dad's Business and so I told the teammates about my absence in the upcoming enjoyment session. They felt unhappy with the words which I provided. The plan which we created for the upcoming holiday action brought a great life for my teammates as it is compiled with luxurious checklists as well.

The checklist includes

  • 3 Bikes used for the travel purpose
  • Badminton Racket for our sports enjoyment
  • 500 INR each for luxurious expenses
  • Mobile Charger for our funny moment capturing event without interruption.
  • Sun Glasses to show off and get some good snapshots during the enjoyment.
  • The helmet is also considered in our checklist as it could save our life from the unexpected journey .
  • A selfie sticks to capture selfie photography with the whole team mates.
There are also some hidden checklist items available.

A Trip to Tenkasi with the team mates. 9/5/16

The day for our vacation time came nearer and it is expected to the best day in our college age. But I was not able to be normal as I don't have a chance to visit Tenkasi due to some work. We have planned to reach our friend house in Tenkasi from Palyamkottai region on May 9th. During May 8th, I got a happy news from my dad side. He told me to visit my vacation spot without any issue. The dad also added that the work got finished by his client the previous day.
I was very much happy to connect with my friends during that moment. I passed the message to my friends and the one who organizes the trip was very much happy. But unfortunately, we need 4 bikes which aren't possible to arrange at the time. So, we have planned to visit the destination by Public Transport itself.

I am happy to the core as I love to travel with the help of Public transport. We all started to reach the destination and my friend Mani Kandan visited my house to pick me up to the spot where the whole team gathered. After my presence, we have started buying bus tickets from the conductor to reach Tenkasi. But the conductor instructed us that there isn't any straight bus route for your destination. He also requested us to reach Sengottaih first and then go further. As per the instruction we started travelling to Sengottaih.

The journey was such a pleasant one which made me very happy as it is a something a different journey via Public transport. The phone camera surrounded us and the whole bus starts trolling us due to the monkey act which every young people do in their age. The team was enjoying to the core and finally we met Hussain in Sengottaih and then he started picking us from that spot to his house with his car.

After reaching my friend's house we were invited with pleasure. The family members gave us accommodation which made us spoil the whole room by playing inside the room. Then the teammates started exploring the whole Tenkasi with the help of local people. We had visited the AchaKovil Dam near Kerala Border that gave us a pleasant moment. After our exploration, we had Briyani at Hussain's house and the lunch stuff got completed there perfectly. We don't have the mind to get back to our home due to the whole day enjoyment in Tenkasi. This journey made me feel like a real traveller as well. I am aiming to choose some of the International Airlines for my future journey. Finally, all the enjoyment and happiness got exhausted on that day after our own house visit.

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