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The top 5 launchers for android device

The top 5 Best launchers for the android device

Android is the famous OS that ranks the top position in this smartphone and gadgets industry. The Android device is specially applauded for its great flexibility and user friendly behaviour. There may be several OS platform available and being developed in many countries. But the Android OS is considered to be a great one due to its productivity and damn easy customization.
The awesome launchers for android device is discussed in this blog post to deliver the best android launchers.

The popularity and viral rank that the Android OS got here is a major reason for the worldwide partnership in many smartphone vendors' project. The man behind the Android at the early stage could not even imagine the great success of Android in this world.
The mobile devices and the tablet gadgets are the smart devices that are mostly running on Android OS can be easily customizable to the users' need. The 5 best android launchers will show the awesome performance based on user experience and user interface without any flaws.
The amazing android launchers are the major part in customization and it could do magic with the smart device for sure.

There are huge list of amazing android launchers available in the market and also flooding over the non-official Google Play market. This is happening because the people in this generation is always like to extend their imagination through customization.
So, the great launchers for android is showcased in this list that will buzz the best android launchers apk for sure.

The top 5 launchers for android device
The top 5 launchers for android device

The top 5 launchers for android device is listed below:

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. Hola Launcher
  3. Go Launcher EX
  4. Smart Launcher
  5. Action Launcher 3

PS: There may be other great launchers for android and so the next list will be updated soon.

The best launchers for android listed above have gone through several reviews and quality inspections before expressed here.

1. Nova Launcher (one of the top 5 launchers for android device)

It is one of the awesome launchers for android device with scoring of above 4.75 approximate ratings in the Google Play Store. It is listed at the higher rank due the major importance of this great launcher. The author of this 5 best android launchers experienced the "Nova Launcher" and satisfied with the great experience.

The nova launcher is worth installing on your Android device to get a real customization on the go. The Nova Launcher has nearly 5 million users globally with perfect love.
The UI is light and sweet to handle and found to be a responsive launcher for the Android device.
It has many tweaks and  tactics to make your stock android device looks like a magical treasure.
It has the wide variety of launcher themes and wallpapers for better customization.
The one could feel safe and hassle free from nonsense advertisement and so it is ranked as one of the best Android launchers.
The gesture option, homescreen setup, custom label and font size are found to be the major advancement in the customization.

Download Nova Launcher 

2. Hola Launcher

Hola launcher is the similar third-party launchers but it has some special improvement over others. It is listed in the Ineedblog awesome launchers for android list mainly due to its lightweight and easy baby-feeding customization. The application at initial stage is bundled with less than 1MB data size. However after the successful release of the later version it is little heavy (but not too heavy as you think). This is suitable launcher for those who are using an low-end Android devices and still love to customize the homescreen with the new magical touch.

The simple and effective launcher has too many followers as well. The launcher is little annoyed with the advertisement in these days but it is worth checking if anyone is interested in looking for any alternate homescreen for his/her Android gadgets. The hola launcher can sense the exact time and wishes you frequently like "Good Morning" and other wishes in time while you swipe your homescreen up during the boring time. The customization is powerful with many modules pre-installed with this launcher app.
The vertical drawer as like seen in Nova Launcher adds more credibility and productivity to the users in a pleasant way.

Download Hola Launcher

3. Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher is the one of the powerful and passionable Launcher team. It is the one of the traditional and oldest launcher in the App Market. This launcher rocks the way with its unique style and look in a customizable way. This eventually got a spot in the list which enumerates the 5 best android launchers. It has some great plugins and tools available for the application to enrich the customization of the launchers in Android device. The cross sharing of their own brannded application and modules are seen as a annoying part with this launcher. But it is up to the mark as it is fully flexible to the users' choice without any doubt.

Go Locker made by the Go launcher team is a good add-on pack that could possibly enrich the launcher's apppearance indeed. You can also choose from many launcher themes, live wallpapers, wallpapers and other appealing stuff easily in one place.

Download Go Launcher

4. Smart Launcher

Are you a smart Android user?
If yes, then you can be smarter with this smart launcher. It is quite simple come effective best launcher apk. The appealiing and attractive options in this smart launcher can make your life smarter with heavy beauty on the homescreen. The category section is the best feature that the launcher needs the most in these days as the people tend to download huge application and games.

The best and most using application and games can be perfectly placed on the direct screen that could save your action time indeed. The user friendly action is the essential option that is packed with this smart launcher and thus it got a seat in our 5 best android launchers.
The approximate ratio of the rating is nearly 4.67 in Play Store. Finally, it helps the smart people to shine well with its awesome android launcher.

Download Smart Launcher

5. Action Launcher 3

Action launcher is one of the awesome launchers for android which is fully action packed with its features and tweaks. This launcher has greater exposure in the Play Store market due to the viral downloads in a shorter period.
Thus Ineedblog team is wise in choosing this as a best android launcher. The attractive look and awesome launcher features will sure color up your homescreen in a better mode. The launcher for windows style can also be themed up with this launcher set without any doubt that it can customize the action packed modules as well.

Download Action Launcher

The Action Launcher suits the quality criteria amd other checks made by the team Ineedblog. Finally this Action Launcher got the spot in the good android launcher list.

So, the top 5 launchers for the android device have been successfully reviewed and showcased for your convineince finally. The best android launchers listed in this article is taken as an initial list in our team and the updation will be provided once the changes appear in the launcher industry.

Stay loved with our blog. Share your comments and thoughts under the comment section. Feel free to notify us of any queries and request.

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