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The WhatsApp Viral Marketing hacks

The Top 5 Viral WhatsApp Marketing Case Studies and Guide

The land of majestic marketing is the one which makes a huge impact in this generation.
The majestic and powerful marketing strategy keeps the entrepreneurs to live luxury with this type of marketing.
The whatsapp application brought up a majestic and reliable services in the Instant Messaging sector. The real case study of whatsapp marketing which I have gone through will keep you to drive the real targeted visitor (that converts to subscriber) to your blog/website for sure.

The whatsapp marketing strategy is a combination of viral marketing ideas and the lazy crazy idea. The whatsapp deserved the right place in this world of Instant Messaging as the quality qualifies the rank.
The viral marketing campaign could be established using the help of whatsapp marketing software and other bulk whatsapp message sender applications. This requires time and constant monitoring action should be undertaken.

The whatsapp actively ranked as a top application and service provider for delivering the messages occasionally. Thus it favours the entrepreneurs and other small online workers to make use of this application. This leads to the Whatsapp Marketing Strategy.

WhatsApp Viral Marketing guide
WhatsApp Viral Marketing guide

The crazy and lazy whatsapp marketing methods and tricks are provided below for creating a new dimensional traffic to your blog/websites instantly. 

1.Update Tricks

The Whatsapp that was acquired by the Facebook Inc. owned by Mr.Mark Zuckerberg updates their application frequently to serve a better service indeed. So, make a note on this action and you have to implement this situation aptly.
Just create a Whatsapp message and send it to your friends, WhatsApp broadcasting list, or to the groups as well.

"Hey there did you noticed the new Whatsapp application update? I have updated and got benefited with the latest features. So, simply send this whatsapp message to any 3 members or to any 3 group and finally click the link below to see the magic. http://www........"

Note: In the place of "http://www......" just insert the link to your blog post containing the whatsapp direct download link ( including the blog post regarding whatsapp article related to your niche.

Now your innocent friends will start sharing the messages to the groups and peoples madly. They will share this to multiple location and thereby your visitors starts reading the blog post and finally go through your website.
Finally, your Alexa Rank and other metrics will be enhanced by this Whatsapp "Update Tricks" method via Whatsapp marketing strategy.

2.Share this message to your close friends only

The whatsapp marketing is a funny but it is believed as a powerful method to reach thousands of visitors in a short period.
By this method you are going to create a blogpost containing funny, emotional, erotic, anger and other cute quotes.
So you are able to compile each and every fantastic quotes to a single post. Then the blog URL of the post is shorten inorder to achieve the whatsapp marketing growth strategy perfectly.
The number of quotes should be at least 30 or above.

(Note: URL shortening services provides deep analytical data and it may be worth checking)

After the completion of the above tasks, you should forward the below lines to any of your friends and also spread to the whatsapp group.

"Hello buddies let us play for a while. Just forward this message to your close friends and loved whatsapp group only. After 15 minutes, count the number of typical message that you received and go to this link and check the quotes that suits you the best. http://www......." 

Now the people starts sharing this message to their close friends as well as to the maximum contact virally. They would engage to your blog post and also check the related post for god sake.

3.Meme viral whatsapp marketing

Memes are the recently famous one that every human starts loving and laugh to the extreme. This quality of fond of meme made the whatsapp marketing fine to the next level. There are tons of memes already created by the people in this planet and they start making the viral action via the small picture containing a troll or cool meme. There are different types of online sites that allows the users to create meme for free using the preloaded layouts. So, you are just making the texts and the work is simple.

  • Using the above technique, it is possible to create a buzz for your blog or website to rank well and gain traffic steadily.
  • Create a meme collection that suits your blogging niche/blogging industry and copy the URL of the post.
  • Now the blog URL address is shorten to collect the fruitful data and it also seems to be clear short URL.
  • The whatsapp marketing strategy includes the variety of factors such as time management, crazy tasks, consistency and creativity.
  • The meme is generated along with the shorten URL on the meme picture is recommended. 

(Note: Create only the sharable quality meme along with your blog Url shorten on the screen)

The meme is spread through the whatsapp and there is a possible of conversion of viewers into visitors. The people likely to follow the URL that is shown on the meme.
This is because the meme lovers and crazy addicts starts digging more memes and so they reach your landing blog post fastly.
Then the probability of dominating your industry is achieved effortlessly.

(Look: If the meme is not edited with the shorten URL, then the URL message should be sent followed by the meme snap to capture the visitors)

Finally, uniqueness enhanced through this simple meme viral whatsapp marketing to drive amazing traffic and conversion.

4.Cheating content whatsapp marketing

Cheating isn't a cheating when the owner doesn't bother about it in this whatsapp marketing world. There are huge informative and quality content shared in this WhatsApp messaging application. It is noted that these quality contents and long articles are more shared in this scene.

So, just add your website URL or related blog post URL at the end of the WhatsApp message that contains quality article. Then just share it with the world as it is informative whatsapp message.

You get a greater exposure and visitors to your blog/website. But this method is normally not encouraged by the team Ineedblog as it may violate the resource provider and sometimes it may cause serious damages to your credibility.

5.Broadcast WhatsApp marketing

You are about to create a laser targeted group based on your niche or industry using the WhatsApp messaging application.
It is recommended to add huge custom people to your broadcasting list to attain more conversion.
To create a virality and exposure using whatsapp marketing technique, it is recommended to have a list that could notify or buzz the people about the recent happenings and the blogpost.

You can easily get the people in your broadcast messaging list by requesting them to subscribe to your instant messaging service.
Buy a new SIM or contact information say +1 19xxxxxxx and use this mobile number for your marketing purpose.
Now create a banner or text containing the below words.

"Hey, wanna get the latest buzz instantly? Then just give a missed call to +1 19xxxxxxx or simply whatsapp [JOIN XX] to us"

There are several possibilities to spread this above words such as via a facebook comment, facebook group post, twitter tweet, auto blog feature on Tumblr, YouTube videos, and lots more.

Don't spam the words. Make sure you spread the words to attain a good whatsapp marketing strategy.
Thus your viral marketing campaign will be a successful one using this whatsapp marketing tricks without heading to any whatsapp marketing software or whatsapp bulk sender.

Optional: You can block all the incoming call to your new marketing SIM or contact connection to avoid spam calls to you.

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