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The Secret deal that drives 5000+ likes for my Fanpage

The Secret deal that drives 5000+ likes for my Fanpage

The world is full of dreams and crazy things rolling instantly inside the youth's mind.
The branding is much important in these days. As the people is more fond of things. Also, to become a celebrity in this era.  They love to gain more fame via social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+, VK, etc.,) exposure but it may sometimes also lead to a Wikipedia article of that person who loves to be more famous. They act like a superhuman in their career because everyone praise them, and this could result in one man army situation sometimes.

People try to be super smart by creating a fascinating place in the social media world. Every person tries to show their talents and influence over the Facebook and other social medias by establishing a great fan page. But they sometimes fail to update the page and also fails to follow their fan's heart because they don't find any time to mingle up. The every average person (including me) works smart and stands alone from those ordinary people for gaining fame. So with brilliant work we can also be a famous guy in the short span (overnight).

This simple technique that am going to show you in this blog post will make your page/status to a high level with a black hat way (normally not preferred).

All you need to do is that the following major things alone.

  1. A fully created Facebook Fan Page.
  2. The knowledge about auto like. (If you don't know where to know about these, then just click here to know).
  3. Friend's login id (You will get it easily by this post end).
  4. Google Chrome browser (PC) and an extension called Facebook Invite All.
  5. Major Trick.

Short Version (For lazy people like me):

Create a fan page -->
search people who are interested in getting more Facebook likes for their Profile Picture (Finding them are explained below) -->
Message them about autolike and also mention that you will do it for free to him/her -->
Ask their Login details (Id and Password) via message -->
Get likes using Facebook Auto-Likes to their Profile Picture -->
Open Google Chrome and install Facebook Invite All extension -->
Login to Facebook using the Login details which you got via message inbox -->
Go to your Fan Page and click "Invite Friends" and scroll till the end of the friends list -->
At the top right corner of the URL address bar click the "Black colored Tick mark" -->
Wait for few minutes until a success pop-up message shows on your screen -->
Now tell your friend/anonymous to change the password and use his/her Facebook account safely.

Secret mode to get 5000+ Facebook Fan Page likes.
Secret mode to get 5000+ Facebook Fan Page likes.

Thus, the anonymous gets Facebook likes and in return you get huge Likes for your Fan Page via inviting their friends to like your Page.
Repeat the process to maximize the likes for your Fan Page.

Full version (For crazy smart people):

1.A fully created Facebook Fan Page.

  • A fully professional fan page should be established in such a way that people think it worth liking the page.
  • It may be of any fan page, either your brand or your autobiography page.
  • Setup the page description and make your first post (interesting post) successfully.
  • Just share it with your friends and get at least 10-20 likes.
  • Make sure you have completed every detail that are essential for your Fan Page.
  • Now again update your Fan page updates in an engaging way. (At least five quality status updates, photos or any links should be updated).

Finally, you are ready with your Facebook Fan Page.

2.The knowledge about autolike.

Autolike is the method of gaining huge likes by the automated web scripts in the online world.
It has been a major threat to the Facebook officials in these days. The autolike process is a simple formula where your Facebook account will be accessed to hit likes for other people's Facebook post and vice versa. (reverse process for gettings likes for your facebook post).

If you're confused with How Facebook Auto-Likes works, then simply click here to know about Facebook autolike.

Finally, you have an idea about Auto-Likes process.

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3.Friend's login Id.

To get more likes for your Facebook Fan Page, you need to access any anonymous'/friend's Facebook account. Search for the people who are interested in getting autolikes for their profile picture using the Facebook search bar or hashtages.
If it is too hard to find, then just find the auto-like group in facebook and just make friendship with some of their friends. So, that you get the relationship from those targeted people.
Else, you can post a message such as

"If you need to get 250+ likes for your Profile Picture for free, then message me or comment YES."

The above things would attract many people, and you will be noticed very well. While those people message you regarding the likes for the profile picture, message them as

  "Hi, thanks for messaging me. I will get likes for your profile picture safely using an autolike method, and I will tell you shortly about my completion of work. Finally, change your password for security reason. I will remove token after getting likes for your DP. Already 20+ people got benefited by my work. If you agree to share your login details for 15 minutes, then message me soon."

This above message will approach your anonymous/friend in a genuine way.
Get those people Login Details one by one.

4.Google Chrome browser (PC) and an extension called Facebook Invite All.

You will need a Google Chrome browser for PC and an extension named "Facebook Invite All" that is capable of auto-inviting all the Facebook friends to the Fan Page within a minute.
Just install the extension called "Facebook Invite All" via Google App store and enable it.

5.Major Trick.

You have almost completed the half work, and the rest work is as simple as you think.

  • You have established a wholly created Facebook Fan Page with at least five quality updates included.
  • Bookmarked that page.
  • Got anonymous'/friend's Login Details using the above tutorial.
  • Login to anonymous'/friend's Facebook account using your Google Chrome browser.
  • Get likes for the Profile Picture as you promised before.

(Note: Remove the token which you have given access for auto-likes for avoiding misuse of the anonymous account. To remove token read this post once and know about the removal process of the token check the autolike blog post carefully.)

  • Install the extension named Facebook Invite All.
  • Visit your Facebook Fan Page by clicking the saved bookmark.
  • Click "Invite Friends" option and scroll till the end of the friends list.
  • Now simply click the black colored tick mark at the top right corner of the URL bar.
  • Wait for few minutes till the process gets completed.

All the friends from the anonymous account are invited for liking your Fan page.
Do this continuously for the accounts that you have got the login pass to expose to a high level.

I have used this method and got nearly 5000 likes in 1 week. My FB Page name is "Free2hacking" and you can find here

This tutorial is entirely intended for the educational and testing purpose only. The team Ineedblog and the author are not responsible for anything that causes damages. It is subjected to risk factors.
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