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Set up a blogger account.

Set up a new blogger account.

The reason why you are reading this post is that you are fond of money and blog.
Isn't it?
Well, I hope you would have come across from the previous blog post that is the main catalogue for setting up the blogger account. If you are not aware of the previous post then just click the below link to check the main directory quickly.

An Interesting and Engaging way to setup Blogger account.

Let us see how easy it is to build a new blog using Blogger platform.
Don't know which platform to blog?
Just watch this blog post if you are new to the blogging career.

The step by step guide will be provided with the screenshots, and this is just a basic level blog post. So the pro bloggers never need this but I bet they would just pass by this type of tutorials in their initial stage.

If you are a basic beginner, then you will sure come across by some popular ProBlogger's blog.
The following Famous Blogging sites in India are as follows.

Jitendra Vaswani's Bloggersideas
Harsh Agarwal's ShoutMeLoud
Amit Agarwal's Labnol

There exist more inspiring weblogs in the internet space, and you will find it soon.

Do you need to be listed as a top blogger in various blogs?
Then my answer will be simple, Blogging+Hardwork+Patience+Passion= Top blogger.
First of all, you must be aware of the few things in the blogging career before any startup.
The following terms are the most needed and the most basic terms to be learnt.

  • Blog motive
  • Good niche (Content that last forever)
  • Keyword research
  • Platform for blogging (this series is based on blogger's platform)
  • Time management.

The following small tut will help you create a new blog via the blogger platform.

1.Create Google account or simply sign into your existing account.

  1. Head to
  2. Just gets into your Google account.

Blogger account login page with the google account.
snap for Google account creation

2.Create a new blog.

After creating your Google account or after signed into the account just do the following without any effort to create your first blog.
  1. Visit to create a new blog.
  2. Click on 'New blog' in the left portion.

Creating new blog via
Creating new blog via

3.Initial setup of the blog list.

After clicking the "New blog" from the previous screenshot just do as below.
  1. In the "Title", enter the Title of your new blog.
  2. At next step choose the URL address for your new blog.
  3. Choose any "Template". (You can also change the template later without any problem)
  4. Just click the "Create blog" option.
Initial setup of blogger account
Initial setup of Blogger account

4.Created blog List.

The blog is now initially created with the above tutorial. Now just look how the established blog list shown in your blogger account by the below snapshot.

First look of your first blog from
First look of your first blog from

The above screenshot is the dashboard for your newly created blog.
Here you will find several options and tabs.

At right panel, you can see the overall view of your blog updates.

1.Comments awaiting moderation - The comments that have been posted in your blog needs approval.
2.Published comments - The number of published comments on your blog after approval.
3.Pageview today - The number of times your web pages was viewed for the present day.
4.Post - The number of posts you have posted already will be shown here.
5.Followers - This will show you about the number of followers for your blog.

At left panel, you can see the options and settings for your new blog.

1.Overview - You are at the overview page right now.
2.Post - You can find the published post, and also you can add a new blog post.
3.Pages - This page is where you create a new page for your blogs such as Privacy Policy, Disclaimer page and Contact Us page.
4.Comments - The comments that need approval or modification will be shown in this area.
5.Google+ - It is the section where you are connected with G+, and the follower part will be exposed.
6.Stat - This is the major analytic section where you can check the Insights data and view the useful data.
7.Earnings - This page will be accessed only if your blog satisfies the earning potential rules. Here you can apply for the Google AdSense and easily earn money via your blogs.
8.Campaigns - This is for the advertisers those who loves to advertise their blog via Adwords program to reach their blog to the greater exposed view.
9.Layout - The blog layout such as footer, header, widget and adding an extra design to your blog is stuffed inside.
10.Template - You can edit your template, change the color scheme and all other tweaks here in a simple way. Also, you can insert and install your third-party themes inside your blog for free.
11.Settings - The major powerhouse for your blog with perfect blog settings in it.

5.Result and Preview of your new blog.


Ultimate look of the new blogger blog
Ultimate look of the new blogger blog

The following tutorials and tactics will be posted soon.
Stay connected.

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An Interesting and Engaging guide to setup new Blogger account.

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