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Digital India Vision - #DigitalIndia

Digital India Vision - #DigitalIndia A successful lead.

This is specially prepared article to make India a Technological place for the future generation.
(Edited on March 2015)

India is the second largest Nation to have Population growth next to China.
While talking about Technology sector, we haven't dominated.

India is an only nation to have a popular slogan "Unity in Diversity".
They have the ability to withstand any crisis occurs in the Nation safely.
But while talking about the Technology field, India is still behind those Strategy Ranks world-wide.
The ultimate way to enhance the strength of Technological power can be achieved through "E-Bharat"

E-Bharat makes the sense of success in technological fields to yield high world-ranking score in a short period.

The following schemes can be either done solely (by Government) or with the help of a corporate giant such as Intel Corporation Company.

(The scheme represented here is just a virtual imagination by the Author to achieve a good Quality article.The aim of this article emphasizes the productive way to start-up E-Bharat in India)

This article is specially made for the readers to achieve a great knowledge to share for public awareness. proudly presents this article to dedicate for Our most trusted Technological giant "Intel Corporation Company"

E-Governance #DigitalIndia by +sathish satz to +Intel India
E-Governance #DigitalIndia by +sathish satz to +Intel India 

 Our thoughts on E-Bharat includes.

  1.  E-Siksa
  2. E-Minara
  3. E-Pulisa
  4. E-Dekha
  5. E-Rupaya


("Siksa" refers to "education")

  • This idea is based on the High-quality educational system.
  • E-Siksa can be set out in every Government schools in India which can be very much useful for building up a High-Standard Education system in India.
  • Nowadays Educational institution works only for Earning huge money, where the word "Services" changed to "Sales" in India.
  • The idea makes public prefer "Government schools" rather than joining a Business based "Private school".
  • E-Siksa mainly includes "Visual screen" for teaching.The technological based visual screen makes the education more digital and simple.
  • This can make every school students be active in their session and learn something new that stay in their mind forever.
  • We strongly recommend Intel Inc. to join the hands with Indian Government ASAP.


("Minara" stands for "tower")

  • This idea is based on the High-quality communication system.
  • E-Minara can be set out by Indian Government to make India stay connected with each other.
  • This can be attained by establishing Free Government WI-FI Hotspot in every major area.
  • We also recommend Government to set up Connectivity in Remote villages as well.
  • Government can also set up free connectivity in every area if people plant 10 Trees in their locality.
  • Planting trees make India an Eco-Friendly nation and will make a public awareness perfectly.


("Pulisa" means "police")

  • This idea is based on the High-quality cyber safety.
  • E-Pulisa can be set out by the Government of India with a group of technological specialist to perform as an online-cop.
  • This can extremely save people from online cheats, online war, caste & religious conflicts, sexual harassment, etc.,
  • The team can perform actions against above frauds and faults if any citizen of India files a complaint online.
  • These days people likely to use online web access as a major source of their research, entertainment, business and shopping activities.
  • So Indian Government must spy on every immoral activity that cause crisis in India.
  • Special and Secret protection must be provided to the E-Pulisa team is recommended.


("Dekha" is termed as "see")

  • This idea is based on the High-quality human safety.
  • E-Dekha can be set out by Indian Government to make a record of each and every moment happened in the police station, Government office, Government service centres, etc.,
  • These all Government office should be connected via WebCam to a control room.
  • This could track illegal actions like Bribe activity, Harmful attack on the police station, Merciless attack of poor people in India.
  • The operation should be joined with the hands of the technological guru such as "Intel" to provide digital India Vision perfectly.


("Rupaya" stands for "Rupees")

  • This idea is based on the High-quality employment, governance and also to improve freelance work.
  • E-Rupaya can be set out from India to really make a solution for unemployment and also can solve financial problem in India.
  • E-Rupaya includes a Web site domain that can drive every Indian unemployed citizens to do the job online for their survival.
  • Unemployment makes people lose their hope to live in this land.
  • Every year, many Indian institutions sent out so many Engineers and Professional students. This leads to unemployment.
  • Each and every student has their own passionate skills in a particular field as well.
  • Anyhow E-Rupaya can give projects to be completed for their skilled work.
  • These projects can be provided by Multi-Branded companies to make this India a prosperous nation.
  • Thus we can eliminate the word "Poverty" in our "Crisis Book" shortly.


 This article is heartily dedicated to "INTEL INDIA" and to the "INDIAN GOVERNMENT".
 This article is owned by the author "SATHISH SATZ".
 Only above three members have the ability to re-establish, copy, edit this content for any use.
 This article is published on March 28, 2015.
 The statement provided in this article is solely accepted and the author is responsible for the words mentioned here.

We (INB) appreciate your valuable comments and suggestions for this article.

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