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30 Practical Tips & Lifehacks for Blogging career.

Successful Tips and Lifehacks for a Blogger.

Hey, I hope you have been enjoying my way of post I update regularly for educating my fellow people.

Here come my involvement and experience I went through Blogging as a passionate job.

I am an engineering student, I love electronic gadgets and technology the most.
The funny part is that I am a civil engineering student, but I like to learn a lot from the computer, IT department.

Here I started my blogging career by accidental thought which I had a sudden strike of opening a passionate blog for  my friends and people who really loves me a lot.

I am a normal human being and not a fake robot. ha ha ha. I deeply teach technology and knowledge-based stuffs to my classmates and relatives frequently.
This greatly inspired me to create a new website to fulfill my people's lovely request.

I am here to clearly explain you about my simple tricks and tips to become a good blogger and stand like one-man-army.

Starting up:

1.Keep your mind free, Don't expect more but don't fail to enjoy what you have right now.

2.Make yourself fit to choose any good niche/content for your blog. A pretty relevant title as well.

3.Do blogging as a passionate job, doesn't bother about losing your time on blogging as it will never fail.

4.Express your secrets, be always open-minded to share your knowledge in  blogging as it will result in a greater exposure.

5.Don't be jealous of other people what they had in their blog/website as it will not encourage you.

6.Enjoy sharing your blog with your classmate and relatives using your mouth, A powerful publishing tool.

7.Be always calm and make a self-respect and dignity in writing your own blog/website at any time.This will sure make your blogging journey live.

8.Don't forget to get the reward for your work in blogging. Always monetize/earn money by showing relevant advertisement to have some penny in your hand. - @sathishluvsatz start-up. - @sathishluvsatz start-up.

Major Tips and Lifehacks for blogging:

1.Make sure which platform suits you on blogging career. Whether or

Having confusion? -just visit here to start your journey.

2.Don't get feared to write what you think about your particular blogging niche/content. Be strong enough to show your talent to the world as the world is too competitive.

3.Don't steal other people's work. It will result in making a bad impression to your career and also search engines may penalize your blog/website.

4.Make sure you have a habit of updating your blog/website regularly thrice a week. Every new blogger fails to post the update for certain period makes their blogging career to be destroyed in seconds.

5.Don't forget to share your blog/website post in social media, As social media is the major source to become popular easily and engage your audience lively you should do so.

6.Participate in a blogging forum such as Indiblogger, Blogmint, Big sugar etc, This will surely lead a successful way to every blogging people.

7.Choose right keywords for your post, Always choose a long-tailed keyword and less-competitive keyword to make your blog visible to search engine's top result.

8.Choose good appearance theme/template, This is a major trick to give a good impression to every new visitor.

9.Meta description is the thing which is to be enabled in your blog to edit your custom description to every blog post. This will surely customize how your blog post appear in search engine professionally.

10.Don't forget to track your blog/website, this should be mandatory for every blog owner to know exact analytic of their blog.

11.Be proud to be a blogger when you reached more than 20 blog-post. This will make your blog/website a fulfilling ground to show relevant Ads and make money over your respective work.

12. Pinterest, Pocket, Stumble upon, Reddit, Imgur, Linkedin is a powerful tool to boost your blog visitors count. Facebook and twitter will be a traditional way to gain visitors to your site.

13.Create an engaging post, and color the text if necessary.

14.Create your blog post without error, the human is born to make a mistake. So, reduce grammar mistake by using Notepad++ or any grammar checking tool.

15.Don,t forget to Thank the users for reading your article and also add "Share this post with your friends if you have liked it" sharing is sexy hahahaha.. :D

16.Submit your blog/website to search engines to crawl your website and make a good exposure over internet.

17.Create a Facebook Fan page for your blog/website to engage users via social media. This will generate traffic to your site daily.

18.Don't post updates in bulk action, try to schedule your post by one day interval.

19.Use your Smartphone to edit content for your blog/website when you are in travel or free. Also use Google Analytic in the smartphone to track your visitors on the go.

20.Use multi-posting tool to post your single update to several social media in a fraction of second. Buffer, Hootsuite are some of the famous tools available to the world.

21.Always keep an eye on your competitive blogger to learn what they are doing and how stuff works for them.Note that don't be jealous of your competitor, as it is a silly way of disintegrating your self-respect.

22.Don't know where to get content? there are several ways to get- a Facebook comment, Youtube tutorials, Guest blogging, translating of any non-familiar language article, Yelp, Recreating an existing content, etc.

23.If your blog reached your satisfaction level then create a custom domain for your blog to reach more audience. To create a custom domain @ cheap rate just click here.

24.Comment on your neighbor's blog, as it would make a call to attention to your blog too.

25.Always make a bookmark of your favorite blog/site make a research over what others doing to make their blog grow.

26.Make a To-Do list on your blogging career, if you have a piece of paper then write all the content heading that strikes on your mind, this would be a great idea to create content on your blog with pleasure.

27.Don't forget to create an engaging content image for your blog post and edit the image and add your blog/website name or logo on it.

28.Always add caption on your photo which you post on your blog, this will be taken as a real content photo by the search engine robots and make your blog/website a genuine place.

29.Don't create short content in your blog/website as it would be considered as a spammy post by search engine spider. Make sure your post is at least 1500 character in length.

30.Finally be as a human and don't forget to engage with your family,relatives,friends about your hard work in making a blog.

There are more several tricks and life hacks available in my mind and I promise you I will execute it ASAP(As Soon As Possible).

Thank you for reading this Article.
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Sharing is sexy.. :D

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