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What is Xposed Installer in Android? - Installation Guide


In this chapter, you will know about the below topic.

What is Xposed Installer?

How to Install ?
How to use?
What are the features available with it?

Install xposed modules.
Install xposed modules.


Xposed installer is an application developed specially to rooted android users to make a free customizing,themeing,tweaking purpose.

The installer is just a MOTHER application which will let you download any modules within the app with particular features.

The framework can be flashed within the stock ROM .So that you don't need to download huge data with CUSTOM ROM modules .

The app is useful to have a good layout and easy UI to handle.

There are several modules available over the internet too, which you can even download and install like a normal android application.
The main purpose of this XPOSED INSTALLER is to group all your installed modules in a single place.
At any time you can easily activate or deactivate the modules.

Do you know? - You can change color of your stock keyboard,even we can download Instagram pics & videos,download vine videos,make a extra option in power key,etc

To keep your installer works fine, it is recommended to install BUSYBOX & BUSYBOX INSTALLER as well.

(Note:After rooting process it is highly suggested to install BUSYBOX and BUSYBOX INSTALLER as it automatically install every binaries and applets into your system)

Steps for installation.

To Begin

1.First your device must be rooted.

(haven't Rooted your device? click here to root)


(Note:Some of low version mobile below <4.1 needs to install "XPOSED INSTALLER STATIC BUSYBOX".This will be done within the application itself)

3.Now allow superuser access and grant its access.

4.Now click FRAMEWORK and head to install/update.

5.It requires reboot(restart).

6.Now download any modules by clicking download option and successfully install it too.

7.Finally to make the module to work simply click MODULE and make a "tick mark" over your desired module for activation.

Now reboot it if necessary. 

That's all you have easily installed XPOSED INSTALLER and you will sure enjoy the awesome features without FLASHING you device.


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